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Lovecraft Country Ep 7 Historical References (that I recognized)

I'm gonna start by saying if you haven't seen the episode this post will contain Spoiler so be aware.

-In the beginning of Hippolyta's journey on we see her driving woody on the highway and as she is driving we see a Black woman driving a motorcycle this was Bessie Springfield the first African-American women to ride her Harley across the united states annd was one of the few civilian motorcycle dispatch riders for the US Army during World War II.

-When the being that is holding Hippolyta who I call Garnett (because I didn't read the books so I have no idea as to who or what and where it is supposed to be). She tells her she is not a prisoner and to name herself and where she wants to be so Hippolyta said she wants to be on stage dancing with the one and only Josephine Baker.

-Josephine Baker was an American-born French entertainer, French Resistance agent and civil rights activist.We also see Frida Kahlo being a bisexual icon and giving a speech, but I'm only gonna focus in Black History reference so let's keep going.
- After that wonderful conversation that Hippolyta and Josephine Baker have, that Monologue that truly every Black woman should hear and Black Men (this shook my husband to the point he called him mom to talk about it) we see Hippolyta next journey as a Mino warrior.
-The Mino which means "our mothers", or so-called Dahomey Amazons by European writers, were an all-female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the present-day Republic of Benin which lasted until 1904.
- I can't leave this post without mentioning that this love letter to Black women tied in an Afro-futuristic set up was definitely my favorite episode of the season and to say Black Women we love you, and we'll try to uplift you everyday.
ONTD did you recognized any historical references that I missed?
also did you cry as hard as I did at Hippolyta's journey?
SOURCE and my eyes and memories from studying African-American History
Tags: black celebrities, ontd original, television - hbo
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