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Breaking: Katie Holmes' Boyfriend is an Ass, News at 11

  • The same day Katie Holmes was spotted publicly with new boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr (33), Emilio sent a break up text to his fiancée, designer Rachel Emmons (24). She moved out of their apartment the next day carrying only what she could and leaving behind her furniture and engagement ring. She found out about Emilio and Katie through pictures as she was flying home to Oklahoma.

  • Emilio and Rachel were together for two years and got engaged in February 2019. Just a week before the break-up, Emilio and Rachel were photographed at his birthday party. The break up was a shock.

  • Katie met Emilio at his family’s restaurant about nine months ago. She helped him get cast opposite her in a short romantic film that was shot in August. Sure, shit is shady but NOTHING HAPPENED and the romance was "organic."

  • Katie's friend says, “This was not planned … Katie had nothing to do with Rachel and Emilio’s split.” Emilio's friend said, “He did not break up with his fiancée for Katie. They had major issues that were insurmountable. He did break up with her, though, and their friends were shocked.”

  • It's noted Katie wanted to be more open about her relationship with Jamie Foxx but he didn't want that. It wasn't her choice to be so secretive and Jamie wanted Katie but also to be able to screw around.

  • Katie's drawn to how close Emilio is to his family and "Emilio is the quintessential NYC Italian-American guy." But he also loves the Hollywood glitz!

  • Emilio has appeared as a bachelor on the dating reality series “Sweet Home Alabama” in 2013 and is interested in acting.

  • Katie's friend hopes the relationship sticks for Katie (who has also previously dated Tom Cruise, Joshua Jackson, Josh Harnett and Chris Klein), saying “Anyone would be lucky to be with Katie. She deserves love and a decent guy.”

Tags: attention whore, hollywood hookup, katie holmes
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