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Keiko Agena and Adam Brody reunite to talk about Vote Forward and Gilmore Girls

- Adam used Leighton’s IG and Blair fans were confused in the live comments;
- They talk about writing letters to voters with non-profit Vote Forward and Keiko shares tips on how to (she also has a step-by-step tutorial on her IG if you want to know more);
- Adam has door-knocked in Orange County and one person recognised him;
- He knows the fans wanted Lane and Dave to end up together, and Keiko thinks they did in another universe;
- Keiko is Team Jess, Adam is Team Logan (only because he has a brother-in-law named Logan).

(Part of) The Gilmore chat:

Source 1 and 2

Were you team Dean/Jess/Logan Dave?
Tags: gilmore girls (cw / netflix), politics, reunion
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