mrs chanandler bong (partyonyourhead) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
mrs chanandler bong

Demi Lovato's Ex is Still Going - Accuses Demi of sending her fans to break in to his house

Following Demi breaking off their engagement and Max Ehrich claiming (most likely falsely) he found out via a tabloid, Max has continued to throw a tantrum on Instagram.

He recently posted a screenshot of a text conversation to his Instagram stories implying that Demi (or her fans) sent people to break into his "home" (AirBnB)

What's the most cringey quote here?
A. I'm interested in doing my art
B. Hence why I have had the honor of receiving 4 nominations from the Emmy Academy and a Spielberg series
C. Huge relentless passion for the craft
D. I finally am starring in a film that has great morals
E. All of the above

He also underwent a baptism on Friday (sus timing much?)

Demi, girl, get a restraining order against this guy like the one Selena is rumored to have.

source: max ehrich's insta story and teen vogue and tweet
Tags: breakup, demi lovato, nobody
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