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WONHO debuts new look, covers Billie Eilish and more at first virtual concert

He may have finished promoting his first mini album, but WONHO is showing no signs of slowing down. This was made more apparent than ever this weekend, when the multitalented star took to the stage for #IWONHOYOU, his first concert as a solo artist.

Sporting freshly dyed hot pink hair, the 27-year-old K-Pop prince showcased his ever-increasing confidence through performances of Love Synonym #1: Right for Me cuts like "I just" and "Lost in Paradise," as well as covers of Justin Bieber's "Intentions" and Billie Eilish's "i love you." He also revealed respectable rapping chops on "Flash," a new song expected to appear on his next release.

[Watch]"I just"

(Justin Bieber cover)

"i love you"
(Billie Eilish cover)



"Losing You"

"Lost in Paradise"

In between stages, fans (aka WENEE) were also treated to a variety of non-traditional concert content. Following an extensive Q&A segment, WONHO offered a sneak peek of what WENEE can expect from his upcoming "personal" vlogs with an abridged cooking tutorial, and shared homemade video of himself making a go at surfing earlier this year.

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