Viuda Negra (viudanegra) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Viuda Negra

Lili Reinhart thinks that everyone is bisexual

Another day, another dumb comment made by Riverdale's star Lili Reinhart. She was this week's guest on the LGBTQ&A Podcast, where she talked about coming out as bisexual in June and said this:

"I guess, coming out is not a nonchalant thing. It just didn't seem like a big deal to me. And it also, the way I look at the world right now, I'm like, 'Isn’t everyone bisexual?'"

She also talked about crystals, Riverdale and her poetry book, so if anyone is interested on listening to that or read about it, you can do it here.


How long until she tweets complaining about her words being taken out of context even though there's audio of her saying those exact words?
Tags: actor / actress, lgbtq / rights, podcasts, pr training needed, riverdale (cw)
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