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The View: Ben Crump, Chris Rock

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Sara /Meghan is off

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

It’s outrageous that the dry wall of neighboring apartments received more justice than the actual victim Breonna Taylor. This segment dissects the legal aspects and questions the AG's lack of experience in a criminal case.

Meanwhile this happened from Louisville Police Major who is retiring in 6 days:


Behind the spoiler for rage alert [Spoiler (click to open)]

Hot Topic Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor’s family lawyer Ben Crump talks about the Louisville Grand Jury ruling and what comes next. The family is devastated, outraged, and heartbroken. Talks more about the charges regarding white neighbor apartments but not Black neighbor apartments. Crump explains more about KY laws re/rights of being a third party to an aggressive act but no charges for the killers of Breonna.

Second segment talks more about the subsequent protests and the two officers who were shot. More than 100 arrests were made. Breonna’s mother wants to honor her legacy with peaceful protests, denouncing any violence in her name. Then they go back to whether police announced their presence when entering her apartment since there are so many conflicting accounts. Moves on to FBI and whether future charges may come through their investigation.

Hot Topic Chris Rock

Chris Rock is promoting S4 of Fargo. He plays an organized crime boss in the 1950s. **Based on the poor critics reviews, it seems Fargo is continuing its pattern of alternating good season-bad season (S1 S3 good, S2 S4 not good).

[Remember when Chris Rock said the Democrats were to blame for letting Covid come in, because they were impeaching T45? Because T45 gets a pass for watching Fox News 8 hrs a day, tweets bulls/it, plays golf, and didn’t participate in his own impeachment and is actually responsible for a national pandemic response, not chambers of Congress?]

Rock talks about the police, had some bits in a previous comedy show. Moves on to performing comedy shows and the covid process. Then he talks about going to therapy and his non-verbal learning disorder.

More discussion about S4 Fargo. Talks about his character, how much he liked this role. His fave shows were GoT, Atlanta, and Fargo. Shows photo of his flat stomach. He was insecure about his physique. He learned how to swim. He’s had houses with a pool, now he knows how to swim. Fargo starts Sunday on FX.

Ontd are you stocking up on junk food and liquor for next week's debate?

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