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Kit Kat's 'Flavor Club' Is Looking for Members to Try New Candy Bars

If you pay attention to snack news, there's no doubt you've found yourself salivating over a sweet only to find out it's from another country. When it comes to Kit Kat bars, for example, there are plenty of diverse flavors being offered in countries like Japan that never make their way stateside.

The U.S.-based brand is still focused on innovation, like the recent Dark Chocolate and Mint Duos and Birthday Cake versions. And if you don't want to wait around for other people to post about these new flavors, consider signing up to join Kit Kat's new Flavor Club.

Head over the kitkatflavorclub.com to submit your application before the deadline of September 29 at 11:59 p.m. ET. 200 fans will be selected to join the club for free, and then be privy to new and in-development releases in addition to receiving exclusive merchandise spaced out in three packages over the course of the year ("Fall 2020, Early 2021 and Late Spring 2021"). The first will include the latest Duos flavor, Mocha + Chocolate, set to hit shelves in November.

Sources; my brother who has a bike, the Food and Wine tweet Food and Wine
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