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SNL will test its in-studio audience for COVID-19, Lorne Michaels says

SNL will begin filming in Studio 8H next month and the production crew and audience members will all be tested for COVID-19 upon entering the building, this according to Lorne Michaels.

Michaels said the details regarding how the show will incorporate a “limited” studio audience are “still being sorted out,” but it will involve rapid COVID-19 testing.

“Things have changed,” Michaels said. “There’s heat sensors at the revolving doors and then you go for your rapid [Covid] test. You wait 15 minutes and then you’re in the building.”

“We need the audience, obviously,” he said in a separate interview with Vulture. “With comedy, when you don’t hear the response, it’s just different. With the kind of comedy we do, which quite often is broad, timing gets thrown off without an audience. And for me, what is most important is when you’re absolutely certain of some piece on Wednesday, and then the dress-rehearsal audience sees it on Saturday and tells you you’re wrong.”

Chris Rock will host the season premiere and he will be joined by musical guest Megan Thee Stallion on October 3rd.

ONTD, would you attend a live taping with COVID testing?

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