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The View: Chelsea Clinton, Mark Kelly, Desus and Mero, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

Tuesday + Wednesday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Presidential Debate 1 Topics

Idky anyone thinks T45 will win any debate because he lost all of them to Hillary and he’s worse now than he was 4 years ago. They will be watched for spectacle, though it may convince 2-3 more people that T45 is a lunatic lying charlatan. Some clips of T45 being trash at his KKK rallies. They need to have a chyron at the bottom with @ddale8 covering real time fact checks even tho he's on a competing network, or even the moderator himself fact check real time, because it will be a farce.

The topics will be
1-T45 and Biden records
4-Race and violence
5-Election integrity

Hot Topic AX Senate Candidate Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is expected to un-seat McSally, who lost the Senate race in 2018 but was appointed as McCain’s replacement. He’s a former astronaut and husband to Gabby Giffords, who was injured and suffered traumatic brain injury due to a shooter inspired by dum dum Sarah Palin. First they talk about RBG. In the event he’s seated before a final SCOTUS confirmation vote, he’ll be voting in alignment with the constituents who nominated him (it won’t be enough to prevent confirmation). Then they talk about covid. Joy brings up Cindy McCain endorsing Biden (Tuesday night), and the influence or impact of the endorsement. Me-again likes MyMother™ and MyFather™ mentions, because it’s always about her.

Meghan talks about AZ being a battleground state, and likely to go blue in 2020. His stump speech is about being an independent thinker, which is a theme repeated often because he wants GOP voters to choose him over McSally. Some talk about police reform and defunding the police. His parents were both police officers and he talks about defunding (literal) vs premise of real police reform and oversight. More talk about covid and science and impact on AZ.

Hot Topic Desos and Mero

Desus and Mero are promoting their book God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons From the Bronx and their message to undecided voters.

Plays clip of show with Letterman and his Sasquatch beard. They talk about how they would handle a Potus debate. Their show was renewed for a 3rd season. They want people to research the candidates, talk to people, learn the history and facts, do the work, learn how to make their own decision. Covid is Desus' most important issue in this election. Then they talk about their book. Desus talks about him being single, the book includes relationship advice. While Mero is married with 4 kids, Desus likes his independence and freedom and looking after himself. Mero says you should love each other all the time even though you may not like each other all the time. They also talk about their interactions with police before and after they were famous.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show More SCOTUS Discussion

I didn’t watch this segment because there is nothing that Democrats can do to stop the nomination vote or the confirmation. Also f/ck Meghan.

Voting matters, your vote -or not voting- has far-reaching, decades-long consequences.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Sunny Wrote a Book

Sunny is promoting her memoir I Am These Truths. She talks about what prompted her to write the book, some narrative of her life history, her failures and successes, wants to tell her story warts and all. Joy read it, thought it was a page-turner. Meghan liked it, said it’s brave and raw, learned new things about her. Sara liked it, they all liked it.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea is promoting her latest book She Persisted in Sports.

First they talk about RBG who was nominated to the court by Clinton. Meghan makes it about her because of course. They talk about covid as it relates to Chelsea’s background in public health. She blames T45 and his blatant disregard for American lives. The list is long of all the things he has screwed up.

Sara talks about her book and likes her previous publications for children. Chelsea wasn’t allowed to watch unlimited tv as a child but the Olympics were allowed and she loved all of it, learned from it, wants to highlight the role models for young children, not just girls, and how being involved in sports offers social development and personal growth even into adulthood. Her daughter loves Simone Biles and wants to be like her.

Ontd do you like puffy cheetos or crunchy cheetos better?

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