longlonglong12 (longlonglong12) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Schitt's Creek cast on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about their record setting Emmy night

- Eugene snuck a broom in to celebrate the sweep. Dan astutely chastised him because "we're trying to keep people on our side at this point, Dad."
- They had to have a two-part party because the day before the Emmy's, Ontario's rules for number of people allowed to gather were cut in half so they had to uninvite half the invitees to the main party. They make this face -> 😬
- Annie talks about feeling the pressure of not wanting to be the combo breaker when her category was last up (ONTD was right there with you Annie!)
- Dan also set a record for most times glasses fogged up on international TV
- Eugene talks about meeting Elton John and forgetting to tell him they named their son after one of his songs
- They each give their best Eugene Levy impression 🤣

Tags: award show - emmys, canadian celebrities, comedy / comedian, elton john, jimmy kimmel, schitts creek (cbc)

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