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Lauren Conrad guests on Whitney Port's podcast, spills some lukewarm Hills tea

Today in "Who knew she had a podcast?" news, With Whit's guest of the week was Lauren Conrad, her former Hills costar! Of course they talked about the show.

Highlights + some from this OP who listened to the episode:
-Lauren left The Hills because she needed to "emotionally recover" and grow up/find herself while NOT being on reality TV
-They haven't seen each other in person since before they had their kids
-Lauren became BFFs with one of Whitney's friends and Whitney wondered if because of that, Lauren secretly wanted nothing to do with her because she had also left The Hills (Lauren assures her that no, that wasn't the case)
-Lauren's husband William Tell (of Something Corporate fame) was working for a law firm and helping her run legal aspects of her business on the side. Eventually he quit the law firm and now helps run Lauren's business.
-They repeatedly call their Teen Vogue office space "a closet"

They spoke for SOOOO long on this 36-minute podcast that Whitney will be putting out part 2 next week. Stay tuned!

Tags: interview, lauren conrad, podcasts, reality show celebrity, the hills / laguna beach stars
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