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In preparation for Halloween, a witches movies compendium to watch

Autumn Halloween season officially started today, and with that the spooks appear, here's a few witches-themed movies to watch.

Baba Yaga
After a young family moves into a new apartment on the suburbs, the eldest son starts seeing a strange woman. When the newborn baby disappears and the parents don't seem to remember her, the son embarks on a search for his little baby sister.

The Witch In The Window
When a father and son go to rural Vermont to repair an old house, they encounter the previous late owner of it, and with each reparation the house gets, the stronger her spirits seem to become.

Don't Knock Twice
A disturbed teenager leaves behind a note to her recovering addict mother, that she's entering a house haunted by demonic witch, forcing the mother to go after her to rescue her.

The Witch
New England, 1630. A family of 5 is forced to leave their village and go live on the edges of the woods inhabited by a mysterious witch. The harmony implodes when the eldest daughter is suspected of being a witchcraft practitioner as well.

The Craft
Sara moves to LA and promptly joins a group of outcasts into their coven, tapping into occult powers.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe
Two forensic doctors practice an autopsy on the corpse of a beautiful woman found on a crime scene, but the deeper they go into the research of her death causes, the stranger the night turns.

Veneno Para Las Hadas
Two 10-year old friends decide to concoct a poison intended to kill fairies, under the lead of one of them, who claims to be a witch.

A poetess discovers a journal written in Latin, narrating the existence of 3 Grand Mother Witches. She's starting to suspect one of them lives in her apartment building, starting a search for her.

Ghost House
Lost in the Thailand jungle, a young American couple has to face an unleashed evil spirit witch.

Black Sunday
When a witch was condemned by her brother to be burned at the stake, she vows revenge. 2 centuries later she rose from the grave to wreak havoc on all the descendants of her executioner.

Season Of The Witch
A housewife enrolls herself into the study of the occult arts by joining her neighborhood's women association after her encounter with a local witch.

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Tags: creepy post, film - horror
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