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Rolling Stone publishes its new list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

"Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time was originally published in 2003, with a slight update in 2012. Over the years, it's been the most widely read—and argued over—feature in the history of the magazine. But no list is definitive... So we decided to remake our greatest albums list from scratch. To do so, we received and tabulated Top 50 Albums lists from more than 300 artists, producers, critics, and music-industry figures."

441. Britney Spears, Blackout (2007)

"The pop queen vents all her raging party-girl hostility in Blackout—the weirdest, wildest music of her life... When she asks, 'You want a piece of me?' she's either pimping herself out or threatening to kick your ass. Either way, it's Britney, bitch."

321. Lana Del Rey, Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019)

"[On] her wonderfully titled sixth album [Del Rey] perfected her epic vision of doomed, decadent, Seventies-steeped California romance on songs like 'Mariner's Apartment Complex' and the nine-minute crusher 'Venice Bitch.'"

222. Madonna, Ray of Light (1998)

"For her first post-motherhood disc, Madonna and producer William Orbit showed the world that electronica didn't have to be cold. Songs like the title track and 'Nothing Really Matters' are beat-driven but restrained—filled with warmth and wonder. Ray also features her best singing ever."

111. Janet Jackson, Control (1986)

"If properly, successfully maturing in pop after a childhood in the spotlight is an artform, then Janet Jackson is Michelangelo and Control her statue of David... [It] remains the blueprint for any young artist looking to find their own voice."

32. Beyoncé, Lemonade (2016)

"All over Lemonade, [Beyoncé] explores the betrayals of American blackness, claiming her place in all of the country's music traditions—she goes outlaw country in 'Daddy Lessons,' she digs blues metal with Jack White in 'Don't Hurt Yourself,' she revamps the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 'Hold Up.' Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks—all hail the queen."

Full list at the source.

Did your all-time favorite make the list? What is it?
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