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ontd original: Is he sexy? Or is he just in black and white looking at a camera.

Continuing the growing trend of "Is he hot, or ________" Originals, you have this, based off of this thread.  So, thank you, saintclaire87

A lot of these photos I can't find the original photographer, which sucks. So if this gets rejected on those grounds, totally fair. I'm not here to judge anyone's skill as an artist, just the attractiveness of the subject matter. Much like how you put filters on your IG photos to trick people into being attracted to you, black and white photos are often the same thing.

I think this is Clint Eastwood. Uh. Erm.

Verdict: If I had to see it, so do you.

Fresh off his Emmy win, it's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Bobby Seale in "Trial of The Chiago 7", on Netflix Next month.

Verdict: Not as nice unless he was himself, but still good.

This is not the photo of John I wanted to use, but that one is pretty stark and the lighting is a bit harsh. Maybe I AM here to judge photographing skills?? But this is one is great.

Verdict: Hot either way.

TW: Adam Driver

From Love and PR, the 2017 GQ spread. So there were a lot of photos in this spread but I could only stand to look at about 3. Honestly, I don't think this is a very bad photo of him, black and whiteness or not. Black's always coming through in the clutch, isn't it.

Verdict: Lukewarm against my better judgement.

So I actually think this *was* initially shot in black and white despite this being a tumblr edit (sadly this is the only one I can find again), but I remember, clear as day, the first time i saw it, I went "Well, that's Bruce Wayne" but WB and Matt Reeves had other, inferior ideas.

Verdict: It's Oscar Isaac. You think black and white is going to do him a disservice? Get outta here.

 People are attracted to Pedro Pascal. I'm not people. I don't see it in still shots like this. The black and white helps but it's just not my thing.

Verdict: Ok. Thanks for the rec, naeara.

I'm not familiar with Mark Lee , but these photos did make me stop and look closer.

Verdict: I think he'd look better in a color photograph.

Cuberstiltskin's hair seems in super sharp focus for our protection against his face. There's a man who looks better behind him.

Verdict: uglier.
As I googled "Black and white male celebrities", I could recognize most people...except this man. I hit the source and apparently, that is Jude Law.

Wow! I'm still not convinced, maybe I'm reading a list of text and images wrong.

Verdict: Better, Didn't recognize him with hair and without teeth.

srcs are in the post.

There are some I wanted to put in here but they didn't have real sources so just hang around the comments I'll get there.
Post your favorites as well.
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