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ONTD Original: Iconic moments from British television (Part 1)

Back when Katie Price and Peter Andre were married, they decided to release a heartfelt rendition of A Whole New World, for some reason. Unfortunately for Katie, the non-autotuned version was more 'your drunk aunt on karaoke at Christmas', than the next Lea Salonga.

If there was one thing the Spice Girls were gonna do, it was lip sync like their lives depended on it come a Saturday night. (It was the 90s, after all). Except for that one time Geri missed her cue on Noel's House Party.

When daytime TV icon interviewed Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on This Morning. Holly and Phil? Idk them. Make way for the true star.

When Casualty's Amanda Henderson didn't know the answer on Celebrity Mastermind, so said 'Sharon'. Greta Thunberg - the activist in question, even changed her Twitter name to Sharon afterwards, and thus a meme was born. (Also, how was this THIS YEAR?!)

If there's one thing Gino DiCampo has taught us, its don't get on the wrong side of a chef. When Holly Willoughby suggested that his Mac and Cheese was 'closer to a British Carbonna', all hell broke loose on This Morning.

If you're ever looking for an example of a sore loser, its this guy, who lost out on the £1000 prize money on Come Dine With Me. What a sad little life that must be.

When the athlete 'Fanny Chmelar' came up on The Chase, nobody could contain themselves.

That time The X Factor reunited the ghosts of bad auditions past, and somehow convinced them all to butcher sing Bad Romance together. I guess if you've already been humiliated once on TV, then once more doesn't hurt.

Simon Amstell had fun winding up Preston (which is his last name by the way...who knew?), until he decided to leave. He was replaced by an audience member for the remainder of the show.

Would this post be complete without possibly THE most iconic moment from British TV? When David Bowie died, Tiffany mistakingly thought that David Guest was dead, and drama ensued. May he now (actually) RIP.

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