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Jodie Turner-Smith for Vogue and Net-A-Porter

  • She uses her own breast milk on her face for skincare. She's also a lover of essential oils, incense, and floral fragrances.

  • Her favorite thing about being a part of Gucci’s new campaign for its Bloom fragrance was that she was allowed to be soft. "There were so many times where I would take photos, and whoever I’m working with was like, ‘Now, can you be really fierce and growl?’ And it’s like, ‘Can I just be tender?’ White women get to be that all the time. So I loved the fact that I could be this woman who is powerful while still gentle."

  • She and husband Joshua Jackson have just finished binge watching all of How to Get Away With Murder. They love Viola Davis.

  • On what life lesson she wants to give to her baby girl: "That self-assuredness is what is going to help her navigate life. It’s important to impart to my daughter what is beautiful about her, and about who she comes from and where she comes from, and what is powerful about that."

  • She's optimistic about diversity in Hollywood, saying: "Whatever it is that makes people want to open the door – whether it’s white guilt or a sincere desire for allyship – it’s happening. It’s creating more opportunities for us to tell more stories, and when those stories are told, it’s going to create an opportunity for the storytellers coming up behind."

  • She talks about the backlash she received for talking about colorism, saying despite what people say, media has enforced the narrative that darker women aren't desirable.

  • She talks about the pain surrounding the coronavirus and the police brutality/BLM protests happening, and trying to care for a newborn amongst the trauma.

  • She is madly in love with husband Joshua Jackson, saying: "I love him, I think he’s hot, I think he’s smart and he’s incredibly talented. I feel so lucky to be in a relationship with somebody who feels the same about me, who is not shy about telling me that or uplifting me...[Marriage and parenthood] is kind of a new wave for him. He’s now a man in his forties who’s been acting since he was a child. He’s become a new man, a husband and father."

  • Despite the horrors of 2020, she is ultimately hopeful: "It’s a hopeful thing to decide to have a child. It’s a hopeful thing to decide to love in this moment. As much as I am exhausted, as much as I am heartbroken about things that are happening and continue to happen, at my essence I am hopeful, otherwise I wouldn’t be here celebrating my two-year anniversary with my husband, who I love dearly, and our daughter, who we brought into the world just a little while ago.”

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