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ONTD Original: Whatever happened to Diablo Cody's 'Sweet Valley High' project?

It's been 11 years since an ONTD post told us that Diablo Cody was teaming up with Universal to bring Sweet Valley High to the big screen. So, where has it been?!

At the time, Diablo said several women had responded positively to the project:

Almost a decade went by before people started wondering where it was. Honestly, if social media was bigger in 2009, maybe it would have lit a fire of outraged fans under her and Universal.

Little did we know, Legally Blonde's Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and The Mick's Harper Dill were hired by Paramount (now teamed up with Universal) in 2017 to write the script. The deal with Diablo Cody had lapsed. Yet they clearly made no progress on SVH, either.

In 2019, it was announced that Paramount had hired Jessica Gao (who has worked on Rick & Morty and Silicon Valley) to write the script. No progress or casting has been reported, and with COVID, who knows if/when we'll ever see something?

At this point, we can probably just have ONTD write it in less than a month, split the royalties, and pay off our student loans.

Francine Pascal is now 82 years old. Will she ever live to see an SVH reboot?

Source 1, Source 2 + my Google skills + my impatience on this reboot

If you're from PageSix or BuzzFeed and want to steal this and blow it up so this project finally gets moving, go for it.
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