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Box Office: Steady but still trending downwards

Box office numbers for the weekend are here and films continue their steady decline.

Tenet remained at the top spot with $4.7 million, dropping 30% over last week. Domestic total for the film now stands at $36.1 million. Warners continues to insist the film will see a bump as theaters reopen, but that seems unlikely to actually happen.

The only new film to recieve a release of over 1,500 theaters was Jim Caviezel's Infindel, a film produced by convicted felon and Trump stan Dinesh D'Souza. It grossed $1.5 million.

The New Mutants dropped 23%, grossing $1.6 million. Unhinged dropped 14% for $1.3 million.

New limited releases included queen Carrie Coon's The Nest ($62k in 301 theaters) and Noomi Rapace's The Secrets We Keep ($89k in 471 theaters).

The next major release from studios is expected to be Death on the Nile on October 23.

Films coming next week: Enola Holmes (Wednesday on Netflix), Ava (w/ Jessica Chastain), Miranda July's Kajillionaire, The Last Shift, and LX 2048.

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