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Gabourey Sidibe Gets Candid on Life After Her Oscar Nomination


shw was on the Collider Ladies Night podcast and talked about her carrer after being nominated for an Oscar for Precious:

“I’ve heard the idea that I’m just lucky before. I’ve heard that. I’m an extremely unlucky person, actually. I’m very, very unlucky in a lot of ways. I work really, really hard though. I work really, really hard. An no, the Hollywood seas didn’t part for me in the same way that it might have for maybe Anna Kendrick who was nominated for the first time that year as well, who then went on to star in films and television and the whole thing. The seas did not part that same way for me and I assume that there are a few factors that made that so, but I am still working 10 years later.

you can see her in Antebellum,, out on VOD now
Tags: black celebrities, gabourey sidibe

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