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ONTD Original: Ten 90s CanRock songs you'd hear on the radio on a Saturday morning

ONTD Canadians, are you heading up north this weekend? And you forgot to bring your Big Shiny Tunes CD? Bummer. Why not turn on the radio and see what's playing?


Beautiful - Joydrop

Whatever happened to Joydrop? Well, having a song on the radio called "Sometimes Wanna Die" right before 9/11 ensured that they were removed from the airwaves forever. Lead singer Tara Slone is now a broadcaster for Hockey Night in Canada, and the band even reunited in Guelph, ON, a few years ago to sing this hit!

Numb - Holly McNarland

Another badass female singer before we plunge into some male-fronted bands...

Blown Wide Open - Big Wreck

The lead singer was wearing a plunging v-neck before it was made cool by American Apparel hipsters. Canada's impact!

Thief - Our Lady Peace

Did the OP make this post looking for an excuse to include this video of lead singer Raine Maida getting soaked in the rain? There's a good chance of it. Fun fact: His real name is Michael Maida!

Load Me Up - Matthew Good Band

I've said it before, but this video gave me unrealistic expectations for what high school was all about. What do you mean I'd never be part of a walk-out that includes jumping off a roof into a nearby body of water?

38 Years Old - The Tragically Hip

I mean, I could have included Bobcaygeon, but radio stations had to play some "deeper cuts" to have some ~legit Canadian cred, right? The lyrics also made me hope I'd have my first kiss by 38. (I did.)

Spaceman - Bif Naked

Looking for something to read? This OP recommends Bif Naked's memoir.

American Psycho - Treble Charger

"And now I know how far you'd go / to be the next freak show / American psycho." Pretty relevant lyrics for 2020.

Summertime in the Void - I Mother Earth

Did anyone buy their CD, Blue Green Orange? It came in the 3 colours of the album title. Which one did you get??

Remote Control - Age of Electric

This screencap, along with the rest of this post, makes me nostalgic for the whole rocker look. I hope it comes back.

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