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The View: Kim Klacik, Sunny Smackdown, Sara Surprise, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan /Whoopi is off, Ana joins

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Biden CNN Town Hall

Plays excerpts. Joy thought he did great. Sara really liked his ability to connect and empathize with voters but also answered tough questions like the teacher with MS who is still nervous about going back to her classroom, he didn’t give a Pollyanna answer, gave a realistic answer. Meghan thought he did well. Most of them call out the Russiapublican talking points that he’s feeble and senile, yet when he interacts live, he’s normal and has command of the topics.

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Rage alert. This f/cker said he forbids the 1619 Project from being taught in school, calls it child abuse to teach children these ~lies. He signed an Executive Order to teach Patriotic programs in school [narrator: he didn’t sign an EO, the federal government doesn’t determine school curriculum, and Patriotic programs is another Fascist move]. Plays clip of drugged up slurred speech T45. He said this at the National Archives where he talked about historian who is dead. Children should learn about our history including the unvarnished truth, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. A recent [UK] The Guardian poll showed a lot of young people in America didn’t know about, or didn’t believe, the Holocaust was real or as significant as it was. /facepalm

Hot Topic Sunny Clocks MAGA Kim Klacik

Kim Klacik is running for the MD House seat vacated by Elijah Cummings. She lost the special election in April by a margin of 73.8% to 25.1%. Yikes.

Plays a campaign ad. Meghan is the reason Kim is even on the show, because of course. Sara points out her poor performance in the special election, wants her sales pitch why she’s running again. Sunny points out Kim will be representing Baltimore, where Kim has never lived. Kim says she supports Elijah and her proof is that she has pictures with him. Joy points out the Democratic controlled House passed a second stimulus bill, while the GOP controlled Senate has refused to vote on it. Kim has all the MAGA talking points. Ana wonders why the country has to be made Great Again when it was already great despite its flaws [mostly the slogan is from N@zism, not so much that it is or was -great-. Brings up T45 history on racism with his business. Kim claims he’s not racist. Ana says the NY exonerated 5 would disagree.

[Second segment is queued to chair swivel because the rest doesn’t matter anyway]
Kim claims the usual MAGA talking points about what T45 has done for the Black community. Meanwhile, Sunny fact-checks her on multiple points that proves Kim false. Kim says she doesn’t support BLM movement, claims it was hijacked, while blaming BLM even though outside groups are who did the hijacking. Doesn’t blame T45 for his failure over covid and inexplicably name checks… Bill Clinton who has been out of office for (checks calendar) 20 years. ***** Then Joy and Kim spar, but Sunny clocks her by pointing out the Black community didn’t vote for her. Swivels her chair Woooow. Lol x infinity. The other hosts have poker face but you know they wanted to laugh.

Hot Topic Black and Latino Voters

Panel talks about getting Black and Latino ~male voters. Ana clarifies those polls are coming out of south FL, with residents from countries that fled communism. T45 has been lying that Democrats are the equivalent of the communist countries they’ve come from and it’s working with that group. Things Biden should go to that group in FL and talk to them directly, call out the lies, point out the irony that T45 has bromance with Russia, N Korea, etc. Meghan says stuff. Speculates that the Latino men like T45 braggadocio, but that they may not vote for T45, vs staying home and not voting. Sara brings up Eva Longoria comments from last Friday show (about the subsets within the Latin voting community and various reasons for low voter turnout in that demo).

Hot Topic Keke and Michael Surprise Sara for Birthday

Former cohost Keke and Michael pop on to surprise Sara for her birthday. They bring out a special cake for her. She’s getting a massage, they wear a mask, but her body is hurting-for-certain, and then dinner with her husband with an adult beverage.

Ontd do you swivel in your chair on video conference when you’ve had enough bullsh/t for one day?

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