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The View: Gabourey Sidibe, Janelle Monáe, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan /Joy is out

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

No matter what T45 says, don’t believe him. CDC Director Redfield testified before Congress and said a covid vaccine is expected late 2021 [which is lightning speed faster than other vaccines including the flu]. He also said WEAR A MASK. Then T45 said blah blah to contradict him and continue lying to the public. Redfield and Fauci have been sidelined so T45 can spread more propaganda about covid. 35-40% of Americans will continue to worship T45 and believe everything he says, so they’re most at risk of dying. Ironic that T45 will kill off his base moreso than his opposition. After T45 tried to gaslight, Redfield tweeted again, shouting for those in the back, Wear a Mask, Stay Distant, Wash Your Hands. Meghan bickers with Sara because Me-Again is an awful person. Shut up, Meghan. I can’t wait until she has her baby, because that means she’ll be off the show for maternity leave. Maybe forever!!

Hot Topic Netflix Cuties

The panel talks about the controversy. The Directors say people, especially those who haven’t watched it, have missed the point. Sara watched it. Says she appreciates her (Director) intent in illustrating what is really going on with these young girls who participate in these types of groups. Also doesn’t like cancel culture, thinks it warrants healthy conversation, not dismissal. Sunny started the film, but couldn’t finish it. Talks about consequences vs cancel culture, talks about her own daughter and the dilemma she faces just in attire. but she doesn’t think it warrants cancelling Netflix or that it promotes p0rnography, those are extreme takes. Meghan hasn’t watched it, has her talking points, talks over Sunny. Whoopi thinks there should be conversation about all aspects of our society that systemically hypersexualizes girls from a young age.

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Whoopi narrates ABC Nightline’s Turning Point on reparations. Initiative is to get people talking about issues facing the Black community. Shows a clip of her segment, that is specific to the reparations topic and its history.

Hot Topic Big 10 Football Will Kill People

Big Ten had initially postponed football season but backtracked. So football players and fans will get infected and some will die, while the same schools have restrictions on, or aren’t doing, in-person classes. It’s an economic decision, which is disproportionate to the players who aren’t paid for their participation. Just to have the games, the players and team staff have to be regularly tested, so is that really the best place for those efforts and tests. MAGAn says GOP talking points. She may (pretend to) hate T45, but she’s totally voting for him and still spouts his propaganda at every chance.

Hot Topic Janelle Monáe and Gabourey Sidibe

Janelle and Gabourey are promoting their film Antebellum available on VOD. Plays clip. Janelle feels the film will trigger some people due to themes and plot of the film, given the reckoning our country is facing right now. There is apparently a spoiler in the film, which is not revealed, FYI for those who plan to watch. Gabby talks about her role in the film, and that Janelle called her specifically to be in the film with her. They had met previously, so that’s how the connection began. Speaks about her trip to Ghana prior to seeing the script. Janelle talks about her new music. Goes back to the film, says it’s not a slave film, but it’s about what it means to be a Black woman today, still carrying the burden of systemic racism. Gabby is encouraging people not just to vote, but also to work the polls, particularly for younger people to fill the void where older people would normally be poll workers. Janelle talks about her friendship with Chadwick Boseman, her memories of him.

Ontd who would you want to replace Me-again McCain?

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