Regina King talks about what kept her grounded as a child star

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-Regina King spoke with People magazine ahead of the Emmy awards where she is up for a fourth nomination(She's won 3 times)

-King received her role on the hit show "227", about a family living in Washington D.C., at 14.King credits her mother with keeping her grounded. King :" My Mom told NBC if I was going to play Brenda , I wasn't going to one of those Hollywood private schools, I was staying in public school."

-King says that decision helped her later in life. King"It was instrumental in me becoming a person who can find balance on shaky ground.It's not an easy thing living your life on display, and it's particularly hard when you are young,But participating in those social situations as a teen helped me have an understanding to how different people can be, which has been very helpful when navigating Hollywood.

-King points to her Co star Marla Gibbs for being a great role model. King"I was lucky to be on a show with one of the first woman to produce and make tough decisions. I got to witness someone who was a pioneer."


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