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The View: Gabrielle Union, Brian Stelter, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Trump, the Bison Whisperer lied for 90 mins or so on live tv. The Town Hall with ~undecided voters was a disaster. T45 learned from it by… saying today that only Red States were doing well with the virus, while Blue States were doing poorly (outrageous and also another lie). Plays clips. Says he up-played the virus, lied about down-playing the virus. Got told to shut up by a speaker (lol). Got told off by a Black speaker when T45 said there wasn’t a race problem. He has zero ability to listen and empathize with humans. It was word salad after lie after word salad after lie. Also kept talking about herd mentality (when really he meant herd immunity) and spoke of the horrors of Waiters wearing masks. Couldn’t speak to any real policy issues in detail. Claimed again he had a new healthcare plan [narrator: he does not]. Meghan wants to change the subject to the Middle East agreement, pretends that it’s a peace agreement, when really it’s only a weapons agreement, so she can shut up. Whoopi liked the speaker who called out T45 for MAGA slogan and racism, then she tuned out because she likes Cobra Kai better.

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Louisville has awarded family of Breonna Taylor $12M settlement but still no arrests of the officers. Sunny wonders why they don’t use the same fund of money and reform the police dept, lists examples. Joy says things. Sara says they also banned no-knock warrants. Meghan says things.

Hot Topic Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is promoting her show LA’s Finest which is starting S2. Plays preview. Sunny talks about the Gladys Knight-Patti Labelle Verzuz battle. Sara talks about her being on the cover of Women’s Health. Joy talks about mental health and her PTSD being triggered over the last few months, a by-product of her r,pe from 25 yrs ago when she was 19 yrs old. Sunny talks about ABC “Turning Point” month-long initiative of looking at race, brings up the NFL players getting boo-ed only for linking arms in unity.

Meghan talks about her show with Jessica Alba. S2 was filmed before the civil protests, GU talks about the show vs reality in our lives now. Sunny mentions she and Jessica are producers on the show, creating a diverse set, talks about the pace of change depending on your viewpoint. GU loves it, it reflects what the city looks like, where it’s filmed, it’s still a Jerry Bruckheimer action spectacle. The show airs on Spectrum Originals now, S1 will air on Fox. Sara talks about the family being in lockdown, GU tells family stories.

Hot Topic Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter from CNN is promoting his book Hoax. Plays clip where T45 says he spent 8 hrs watching Fox News shows. More of the same, nothing surprising. They talk about the Town Hall first, Fox News called it an ambush, so you know they think it went horribly. T45 is Sean Hannity’s biggest anonymous source, and they’ve convinced 40% of the country to not believe anything anyone else says. Says a lot of Fox employees miss Roger Ailes, even though he was horrible, they say they knew their enemy and now there’s a huge leadership vacuum. Meghan bashes CNN and other anchors on the show. Blah di blah. Sara asks about the blurred line between news on Fox vs opinion on Fox.

Ontd do you have herd mentality? Do you think that Waiters complain the worst at all about wearing a mask?

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