Andre Braugher says Brooklyn Nine Nine must address police brutality

- He was freaked out and insecure the first season of B99 - He told variety "Everything’s new. I’d never done it before. Am I any good?” Braugher recalls asking himself. “I remember turning to my wife and asking her, ‘Is this funny?’ And she said, ‘Yes, of course, you’re not being deceived.’ But I kept looking at it, saying to myself, is this good? I couldn’t really judge.”

- He liked that Holt is gay, but isn't a defining characteristic. He says "“Holt is a really, really wonderful character, but I think in anybody else’s hands, it might have been something foolish, something silly".

- He says this comedic role has breathe a new life into his career.

- Andre is best know for playing two police officers six-season turn as Det. Frank Pembleton on NBC’s “Homicide: Life on the Street.” and now Brooklyn 99. Reflecting on these iconic roles, he says “I look up after all these decades of playing these characters, and I say to myself, it’s been so pervasive that I’ve been inside this storytelling, and I, too, have fallen prey to the mythology that’s been built up,” he says. “It’s almost like the air you breathe or the water that you swim in. It’s hard to see. But because there are so many cop shows on television, that’s where the public gets its information about the state of policing. Cops breaking the law to quote, ‘defend the law,’ is a real terrible slippery slope. It has given license to the breaking of law everywhere, justified it and excused it. That’s something that we’re going to have to collectively address — all cop shows.”

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Honestly, the summary could go on and on - read the rest of the article. Funny they chose Andre to do this and not Terry Crews.