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Celebs freeze Facebook and Instagram accounts for a day in support of #StopHateForProfit campaign

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Wow, one whole day.
Doing the least with the most huh
wow, they've upgraded from a black square to one with two words on it! such progress
Thank you for your service
Lmfao, as if they're not going to be back on those platforms by the end of the week. Facebook really does need to die, but one day ain't the way!


September 16 2020, 03:26:18 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 03:43:04 UTC

Not even a week? Just one, single day.

I went to the website, it is to be a week of action.
9/14 Kickoff Announcement
9/16 24-hour Instagram Freeze
9/17 Option of two stop violence/hate graphics to post
9/18 Option of two election disinformation and voting graphics to post

They also mentioned that Mark Z. said he had no intention of making the changes the group asked for when they met in June, so I wonder why they think he would want to make changes now.
I'm assuming it's more about social pressure?
Of course, but maybe a freeze of two/three weeks minimum. Or freeze until changes have been made — maybe next time.
I haven't heard of this cause till this post.
They're against hate, Nazis, and disinformation on social media... but they're staying on Twitter?!?!

This is why I can never take those #deletefacebook types seriously...
Twitter is something else. I've never seen that many nazis in on place only regardless the language.
i literally follow nothing but independent journalists from leftist publications on twitter and i still see so much nazi bullshit every single day
Yea it’s silly to be going after FB when Twitter is in the same boat as them with everything they let people get away with
Useless bullshit from Kim Kardashian especially, who still jumps at the opportunity to stay in the good graces of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.
This will do nothing.


September 16 2020, 03:29:01 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 03:29:19 UTC

lmao this is like the kendall jenner pepsi ad of dealing with the spread of misinformation via social media


How tf is Asshole Buble going to say "Stop hate"?
& does Leo mean "Stop hating on my child brides"?
Myspace didn't deserve to die.

Tom was a good friend who would never betray us. And yet, we betrayed him.
he sold myspace to news corp for 580 million. he definitely betrayed us lol
true but newscorp/Murdoch lost money on the deal so lmao
And taught us HTML!


2 days ago


2 days ago

lol kim
I'm wondering if/when another social media will take out facebook or instagram... these wealthy celebrities could invest in a new social media company
I feel like FB works very hard to kill or surpress any platform they see as a threat. That's literally why they bought Instagram.
These wealthy celebrities have terrible politics and are crazy for power so if they were investors in a big social media site (and therefore, directly profiting and gaining power from it), they’d find excuses for right-wing propaganda just like Mark is doing.
There's so much money in FB, it will probably acquire any upcoming competition.
It depends on how many people leave FB but don't want to leave social media completely. Remember Peach? That was a great little app. But not enough people got on it - all at once - for it to be valuable to anyone. There was a twitter clone and a tumblr clone that had the same issues, and that's going to be the problem for any social platform trying to be successful.
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