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"Antebellum" Socially Distanced Premiere


-The film "Antebellum" had it's Premiere on the roof of the Grove in L.A.

-The film's stars Janelle Monae in her first leading role, and Co stars Gabourey Sidibe and Jena Malone.

-Antebellum" Premieres on demand Friday.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

Tags: black celebrities, film, gabourey sidibe, janelle monáe, jena malone, red carpet and event

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Has the twist leaked yet? I’m curious but I can’t handle watching torture/rapey shit.
I *think* I know what it is but I want someone to confirm it for me.
UGH thanks for sharing this. Definitely gonna pass on this film.
Wow. What were they thinking?


September 16 2020, 02:50:18 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 02:52:19 UTC

The twist is that [Spoiler (click to open)]she didn't travel through time. It's taking place in the present, she got kidnapped by white supremacists who turn brilliant black people into slaves and like to cosplay as slave owners.

Oh, nevermind, someone already spoiled it to you.


7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago

This post only appears after you click on it... on the main page, it says “no subject” and there’s no post

It’s working for me.
lol my browser must have been broken for a minute.. now it works! I thought I was crazy at first haha
truly I cannot with these black pain movies anymore

life gives us pain, I want happy escapes like more of those star studded holiday hijinks movies and cute rom com moments. White people get to just have that, we should too.
I'm lol at the branded/movie logo masks, which makes total sense and is a good idea. I'm just imagining someone in marketing realizing they need masks as some point in the past few months
I hate that blazer and shorts-shorter-than-the-blazer outfit lol

It reminds me of those cut off shorts that are shorter than the dangling pockets omg

whew this review. honestly even when it was being teased months ago, it never looked particularly good to me. wish janelle could've been given more/better
I love Angelica.
That “twist” the writers are probably so proud of is not a twist at all but a tricking of the audience. Disgusting all round
As far as I’m concerned she willingly signed on to make this film; she’s part of the problem.
Yep. Chadwick turned down a slave movie. Makes me respect him more.

Opposite for her doing this.


7 months ago

Totally an excellent point. Especially with the example of Chadwick brought up and what he did to maintain respectful roles and move good projects.

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Totally feeling this. Took a walk this evening, too many people with no mask/mask over the mouth only, mask under chin, not giving a shit. The virus isn't taking a vacation.

I've shared before but my medication is an immune suppressant and I wish these people would at least make sure to keep away from other people but lol expecting some people to give a shit.

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7 months ago

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It's suuuuuuch bullshit like I guess I get to some extent life has to go on but like... movie premieres??? In this economy??? Eat the rich.

We're dealing with Hurricane Sally right now and my bf got into a mini-argument with his direct supervisor today because the super overrode his "no field agents on the road" order by saying "well, if the tech wants to go I don't see why not" and my bf was like "none of us should even be here in the middle of a hurricane AND a pandemic they have lost their minds"

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7 months ago

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That's how I felt. Then I scrolled through the comments and wondered why no one was saying how fucking odd this is. We should not be getting used to this!

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Stay. Home.
I like several of these people and we all would like a little joy back in our lives but this is such unnecessary stuff that it almost makes things worse.

I'd much rather everyone just did a Zoom chat in their PJs or whatever.
Was a premiere even necessary?

Deleted comment

Gabby looks so pretty. She truly doesn't age.
Why are so many of them mask-less? This shit is unnecessary right now (premieres).
I still cannot believe they had a whole ass film festival in Italy last week. And maybe a handful of the talent were wearing face masks, and then not even for long 'cause they'd remove it to take photos.
umm I love Gaby's dress, that print is gorgeous

but this premiere was totally unnecessary
the few masks that are photographed are cute!
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