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Cardi B 'Looked' Past Offset's Infidelity Ahead of Divorce 'Because of the Baby,' Says Source​

A source close to the couple tells People that Cardi B filed for divorce because she reportedly found out Offset had been unfaithful again.

"Offset has pretty much cheated the entire time they've been together, but Cardi looked the other way because of the baby," the source says. "She also didn't want to be embarrassed. But she's had enough."

The couple have one child together, 2-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari.

Reps for Cardi B, 27, and Offset, 28, did not immediately respond to People’s requests for comment.

Tags: black celebrities, breakup, cardi b, divorce, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)

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Deleted comment

Deleted comment

It's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation :/
I would rather be single until I die than very publicly and continually cheated on.
a friend of mine left a marriage when she discovered he was at least emotionally if not probably also physically unfaithful not too long ago and she still experienced so much "oh so you couldn't make your marriage work~~" the onus is always on the women tbh.
i was going through the comments in the last post. seeing ppl legitimately argue that if she doesn't cook or clean how can she expect to keep a husband is something else lmao. i thought we were past that backwards ass thinking and yet.

and yet.
Yeah that was kinda...."She doesn't give into traditional gender roles, so how did she get married???"


September 16 2020, 00:46:19 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 00:52:34 UTC

Wait WHAT???

Ok I just went back and found the comment you’re referring to. Good lord, what a crock of shit. Saying she and her bf has an in-depth convo about it. Yeah I bet this straight man did have a lot to say. Fucking sad.

Her also saying “her brand of feminism” LAWD.
Oh I'm glad you found it bc I thought they realized how they sounded and deleted.
i cant believe the tradwives are now on ontd too 🤢
Not just that but what about Offset cooking and cleaning! But really some people around here don’t know how to enjoy anything. It’s a fun song. Is pop culture worthy of critique? Of course that’s part of the post of this site but really it’s just a fun hoe anthem. You’d think some of the people on here never heard one before.

Deleted comment


7 months ago

Yt feminists are a plague.
Good for her dumping this asshole now
To the streets he belongs and back to the streets he will go. A virtuous cycle. Amen.
She’s sick of that WAP (wandering ass penis).
I thought Cardi was at least 30
She looks older and mature her age, I honestly had no idea was in her late 20s,
Idk why people be saying she looks 30 when they probably look 45 at a smooth 29 but whatever.


7 months ago


7 months ago

I am always shook @ how young Cardi is as well and we're only a year apart (she's a year older than I am). It's because she has had this level of confidence and sense of sureness in herself from day 1 - I just always assumed she was a lot older than 24 when Bodak Yellow came out. And at that point she had already been around for a few years on Love & Hip Hop so she didn't seem as young as she actually was!! I feel like she has a lot more life experience than I do at a similar age as well - like she was out here having already gone from a stripper to a reality star to a legitimate star, and also got married and had a baby on top of it, all by 25 years old. I'd ask her for advice as though she's some sage-ass 50 year old lady just bc idk she just seems to have a LOT more life experience than the average person her age


7 months ago

Yeah I'm always shocked to realized I'm older than her lol.


7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago

Yeah I was surprised, I honestly thought she was around 35.
That's a standard hood trait. You will always look older than you really are.

that may be a you problem
its the magic of makeup, and probably her confidence. whenever she posts herself without makeup tho im like you look like a lil bb
Not going to judge her for trying to stick through it. I'm sure that both decisions were hard for her to make, but I hope that she will eventually be happy and rid of that bum ass nigga.
still surprises me im older than her :|
She’s so young and not bright in these matters. Love her tho
I'm always against 'staying together for the kids'. It usually leads to a super toxic environment or at the very least, sets a bad model of a romantic/family relationship for the kids to follow. Hopefully they can be good co-parents but good for Cardi for ending things
Totally. Because it's usually one of the parents the one who wants to remain together for the kids, so the other one (most likely the pos/cheater/whatever) does whatever they want knowing divorce won't be an option and they're "safe".
And the kids never fucking ask for it lol that tension can be sensed at any age
Yes! Especially when the baby was so young they literally couldn't give less of a f about this and she could have someone better by the time the baby forms memories. As for the care itself, she can afford help.
It sucks all around, but I hope she sticks thorough it and lives a happy life with her daughter. She deserves better.
If the pandemic wasn’t happening I could see Adele dialing Cardi for some fun nights out. Maybe they’ll collab. Adele would probably love that to go with her new insta baddie image.
"Reggae Ton of Fun - Cardi B and Adele ft. Chet Hanks"
Adele needs to turn those workout leggings into a line with Nike. They can call the campaign “Jas do it”


7 months ago

SCREAMING @ Chet Hanks hnnng
not Chet! 🤣
I love the title 😆
Can't wait for that island gyal remix now that Adele is rasta(?)

Drake is probably gonna try and get in on that.
i read this as adele dating cardi and i was like sure, why not lmfao
They are both younger than i thought
Yeah I knew she was about my age, but I thought he was a few years older.
His stock is about to plummet. Migos is washed. He is a flop solo. He was getting by as 1/2 of a power couple. Welp!

Deleted comment

Ironic how Clout was the only single from his solo album to make an impact because he has none without her in 2020
So true. He was relevant because of her.
speak 👏🏽 on 👏🏽 it
Coming for that Tyga brand
time for saweetie and quavo to take over
So true! but I feel like as long as he is famous enough to get a new groupie every night he won't care.
Sucks but I mean he already had a bunch of kids with different women. You kinda knew what you were getting into.

I'm sure this will produce some excellent songs on the next album👀
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