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The View: John Kasich, Eva Longoria, Michael Cohen, Pete Buttigieg, Hot Topics

Friday-Monday-Tuesday combined

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan (Joy hosted Friday, Ana Navarro in for Whoopi)

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Climate change is real. T45 is so stupid. Plays clips. Live your best life now because many places won’t be habitable by 2040-2060. Meanwhile T45 is rolling back all EPA regulations. We’re all going to die but definitely sooner than necessary with this guy around. We’ve got hurricanes and wildfires and earthquakes happening at a higher rate of occurrence and worsening each year. Meghan rambles, I tune her out. People don’t get (or accept) that climate change will have a domino effect on every other element of our lives. When T45 blames Calif for poor forest management, he doesn’t get that a lot of the acreage burning is federal land.

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Friday Show players kicked off start of NFL season by holding a moment of silence. Racists are still mad, which proves their racism. They kneel, racists boo. They peacefully protest, racists boo. They show a moment of solidarity -not during the anthem-, racists boo. So many tweeted to take politics out of sports. OK, no more military prowess at sporting events, no more national anthem at sporting events. Sara says people need to stop worrying about changing the world around them and start dealing more with their reaction to it. Meghan says blah blah. Pfft only the racists are mad about sports which is ironic since they pay to see a large number of Black athletes perform for them but don’t want the same Black athletes to think and decide for themselves and expect to be treated with respect in every day life.

Monday Show two LA officers ambushed and shot. No proof there is any connection to demonstrators. Faux News poll results says people think of demonstrators as riots not protests despite the fact that 93% of protests linked to BLM are peaceful, which ties into racist underpinnings. No one supports ambushing police officers sitting in their vehicle, so it shouldn’t be conflated to any connection to BLM. NPR is reporting about vandalism by white supremacists, but the far right doesn’t listen to NPR. Transitions to false narratives about the virus, same as the protests. Meghan blah blahs about the left and Antifa and thinks it should be bigger news that 34 people have died during these few months of protests (but doesn’t mention how many of those deaths are from white supremacists killing peaceful protestors). She has a long ramble attacking the left and blaming everyone and everything except T45 rhetoric inciting this anger and violence.

Hot Topic Joe Rogan Potus Debate

T45 said he’d let Joe Rogan moderate a debate on his podcast. Meghan doesn’t like the selected moderators, so of course let this schmuck get in the mix. Sunny says T45 has debased the office of the presidency and we don’t need someone racist, homophobic, misogynistic like Rogan getting that kind of airtime. Meghan talks way too much. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU ME-AGAIN godddd. Sara would like to see it shaken up. Egads. Joy suggests Jake Tapper. More talk about Charlemagne tha God. Me-again keeps making her opinion known about the other host's comments, nobody asked you, stop.

Why is this even getting airtime, the debates are set and it’s not going to happen.

Hot Topic Carole Baskin (Probably) Killed Her Husband

Carole Baskin debuted on DWTS last night. The family of her dead husband ran an ad during the show asking for tips on his demise. Meghan talks so much like she’s the only one with something to say. Sunny can’t support an alleged murderer on a reality show. Meghan can not shut up, she keeps interjecting after other people talk.

Hot Topic Pete Buttigieg

Remarks on T45 calling military ‘suckers and losers’. A new low, but it’s a pattern and not surprising. Why aren’t other military leaders or Republicans speaking up. Some are walking away but not enough. More conversation about Rogan hosting a debate. Debate moderator should be neutral to the candidates, so Rogan is not the guy. T45 wants people talking about this instead of actual important things. Another distraction from reality and how poorly T45 is handling everything. Debates shouldn’t be another reality show, it’s serious. T45 having these KKK rallies isn’t winning over new voters plus he’s putting everyone at risk for covid. Biden-Harris are talking to people in smaller environments for safety but available to stream live for others.

Chasten joins Pete to promote his book I’ve Got Something To Tell You. They talk about the premise of the book, Sara talks about her brother coming out, having similar experiences in Iowa. Panel talks about changes in culture, being more accepting of the gay community. Some discussion about kids in school, since he’s a teacher. Drags Betsy Devos. Doesn’t know what they’d do about kids in school, if they had kids. Sunny asks about Chasten’s comment re/Rose Garden, his tweet. It looks awful and cost a fortune and has to be redone thanks to RNC trampling the grounds.

Hot Topic Monday Show Michael Cohen

You don’t have to like me, but -please, listen to me. Michael Cohen is promoting his book Disloyal.

Meghan is shockingly rude again. I mean, nobody needs to fête guests as heroes, but she is awful and combative yet behaved like a fan-girl to Traitor Tot.

. It was intoxicating to have power, to be close to power
. His daughter helped him see the light, felt he had a Stockholm-syndrome like environment, it was like being in a cult
. Says he needs to atone and find a way to have a moral compass and he can’t stand back without making this info known, not about the money
. T45 made creepy comment about his then-15 yr old daughter
. Knew what T45 said and did was wrong but at the same time, made excuses for T45, rationalized everything

. Never heard T45 say ‘n’ word but said Black and Latina voters were too stupid to vote for him, countries run by Black men were awful, had an irrational hatred for Obama
. T45 was jealous and intimidated by Obama who is intelligent, tasked Cohen with making sure his own grades were never released, says T45 is overwhelmingly bigoted and racist
. Says other people get drawn into the same cult he was in, it forever tarnishes their reputation and often ruins careers
. DOJ put him back inside prison over retaliation against his latest book
. Wants to make amends for steering T45 into the WH, when T45 is a morally bankrupt man totally unfit for the job

. Says he owes Stormy Daniels an apology, and MelaniE an apology for lying to her about Stormy. He was doing T45 bidding. Clarifies his contact and interactions with Stormy, but he did it for the benefit of T45 and he regrets it.
. Snapped out of it when he realized how much trouble he was in, it was like an intervention to break the spell
. Revisits his House Oversight testimony, hoping the book will resonate with people who also made/make excuses for him
. Misunderstands Joy’s point about others who worship T45 with nothing to gain from it, says he’s a riches-to-rags story and his purpose is to make amends to his wife, daughter, the country

. Says he seems to be one of the few even suffering consequences, eg his 15 mos away from his family
. Wants people to understand T45 doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself

Hot Topic Friday Show Who is Mentally Fit

Debate over mental fitness. Ana doesn’t understand confusion between Biden and T45 on cognitive ability. Biden is taking virus seriously, speaking in complete sentences, not telling people to drink beach. T45 drags his foot, his arms swinging, he trips, he slurs, he says word salad. Debate about teleprompters [which is ridiculous because all speakers often use teleprompters for various audiences]. Meghan is ugh. Sunny calls out character and leadership fitness, drags T45. Sara thinks there may be enthusiasm issue, but agrees with Ana that there is something going on with T45. So many people have left T45 admin and they call him all sorts of unflattering names.

Hot Topic Friday Show John Kasich

Fmr Governor (R-OH) John Kasich talks about appearing at the DNC and endorsing Biden. He says the GOP is his vehicle not his master. Talks about working with both sides to get things done, likes Biden temperament and his ability to listen and hear other opinions. Doesn’t like the NFL boos, the country is too divided, it has to stop. This isn’t the year for party labels, our Democracy is down the rabbit hole. More talk about this and that. Meghan says MyFamily™. Some talk about abortion. Kasich says he’s pro-life but he’s not worried about specific policy changes which wouldn’t happen overnight [State and Federal judges will determine legalities of abortion].

Hot Topic Friday Show Eva Longoria

She looks really good. Eva talks about her being emcee for Night 1 DNC and her efforts in getting out the Latina vote, particularly women. Eva says women are the CEO of the household and women get it done. Women aren’t a special interest group, we’re half the population of the globe. Talks about Marco Rubio getting dragged after insulting Eva. She talks about voter turnout from a group who are registered but then end up not voting due to suppression but also other reasons, eg not a monolith particularly with high % of Cubans in FL who tend to be conservative as a demographic. Says the top issue for Latinos is the economy, not immigration and citizenship.

Second segment 32M eligible Latina voters, but voter turnout is 14-20% lower than other demographics. Sometimes it’s intimidation where they know to vote for Potus but don’t know much about the down-voting candidates at state and local level so that turns them off from voting at all. They talk about her time during lockdown. Shows photo of her son, he’s cute. Talks about breastfeeding and normalizing everything about motherhood. Segues to policies and politics involving motherhood in the workplace. Promotes the She Se Puede platform.

Ontd 7 more weeks! Get registered, get absentee-mail in ballot, check your early voting dates and locations, VOTE!

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