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Emily Ratajkowski's essay on buying herself back


Emily wrote an essay for The Cut on reclaiming her own image and how photographer Jonathan Leder assulted her on a shoot and is still using the pictures for profit without her consent

content warningCollapse )

it's a good essay!
Tags: models, sensitive content, sexual misconduct

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All I need to see is that fucked up quote of his to know he's totally guilty.
This is sick. Absolutely sick.
I read her essay this morning and I was so upset for her. fucking scum bag, the fact that he is still selling books with pictures of her. hope he rots.
Normally I'm like "Pay your rent" when it comes to her but this is so horrific, I hope she gets justice.

That guy can go die in a pit. It really sounds like he roofied her.
Semi-related question, but is shaking uncontrollably a common side-effect of being roofied? I tried googling this once and couldn't really get a clear answer.

F*ck this guy - he's deleted his Instagram of course.
drugs effect everyone differently but she was likely in huge shock which caused the shaking
ugh at that quote. piece of shit.

phoebe tonkin responded stating something similar happened to her:
Really good article. Dealing with identity as a model seems really mentally overwhelming.
that's horrific. I hope he is infected with a flesh eating bacteria
The part where she writes "I’d been taught that it was important to earn a reputation as hardworking and easygoing," really hits home that as women, we MUST be easygoing above all else but when the conversation is about men, hardworking is synonymous with being a perfectionist asshole.

The whole thing with all those stole instagram pics being blown-up and hung to sell in a gallery exhibition without anyone's consent is peak capitalist-hipster-douchebag entitlement.

I haven't finished reading the article yet, but so much of it makes me think of what Megan Fox was saying about how she's a feminist but feminists don't want any part of her in association, solely based on how she looks and what the tabloids have written about her.
YUP, that resonated too. My male colleagues get praised for putting their foot down and ~standing up for their ideas~ but if I do the same, suddenly I'm ~not a team player.~

Frickin' blows.
”You do know who we are talking about right? This is the girl that was naked in Treats! magazine, and bounced around naked in the Robin Thicke video at that time. You really want someone to believe she was a victim?”

I would like to issue forth the most deserving “time for the urn” comment ever for this man right here.
I just finished the article.
poor Emily.
I hope that guy has a slow and painful death.
how sick do you have to be to profit off nude photos you took of a young woman after plying her with alcohol and assaulting her... what a uniquely despicable person. and her boyfriend. and richard prince that fcking HACK. i know men and predators are awful all the time but b/w this and that Raleigh tattoo artist rapist and "progressive" men arguing about predatory age gaps and advocating for that unrepentant revenge porn guy trying to run for office I'm just like... you really can't trust anyone.
What the fuck?!
i hope imperial publishing is absolutely ruined after this. they're the "exclusive" publishers and they have the response to emrata's team's cease and desist for fucking sale alongside the documentation of her assault basically. horrifying.
he's a creep and a piece of shit. of course, he set his instagram on private immediately.

hope he chokes
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