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Spencer Pratt wishes wife Heidi Montag a Happy Birthday

Tags: celebrity social media, the hills / laguna beach stars

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an icon
who expected these two to stay married for so long honestly god bless em
As long as they’re together, no one else has to date/marry either of them.
Truly altruistic
what did we do to deserve this post? haven't we been through enough?
I miss them on the hills ( early days)
I liked them on the new hills too. Does anyone know if we're getting a second season?
it got delayed due to covid while mtv moved ahead with other series, so I think they might have canceled them without really telling them.
I didn't watch season 1 so idk if it's because it was terrible or not.


4 months ago


4 months ago

her signature pose with one arm in the air

Those marital crystals WORK.
Lmao I can't unsee
The poses are corny, but she looks good, imo


September 15 2020, 23:08:45 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 01:06:10 UTC

I like the arm up leg down poses...cute.

I’d look like an asshole.
same...all the insta poses women do just don't work for me. the profile stance, looking off into hte distance...the hand in the hair. nope, i just look lame.
She has a great energy.
how do they still have money
That's the power of crystals, baby!
Did she reverse her surgeries or something because she’s looking like her old self in a lot of her Instagram photos
Maybe she grew out of them? That happens, right -- like Blake Lively's old nose creeping back in?
or maybe she is pinocchio. perhaps all that lying she has done has started to show? lol jk.
I was thinking that as well.
She reversed some I remember hearing.
On The Hills revival she’s legit sooo pretty
I think they just settled really well tbh you gotta remember that most of her most memorable plastic surgery photos were like 10 weeks after the procedure. I think she got her boobs reduced iirc but idk about anything else.
Still going strong because he isolated her from friends and family for years and broke down her self-esteem so much that she got large amounts of plastic surgery from a fucking hack doctor.

But yay for a 13-year relationship and counting!
I had a friend who was obsessed with the Hills so I got recaps from her and ONTD back in the day but I never really watched it. What was her reasoning behind her surgery? Did she ever give her motivation? I remember thinking she was cute but understood the pressures of LA and the could get to anyone.
If you want to live through the insanity, they are streaming on Amazon Prime. I just rewatched this mess early in the lockdown.


4 months ago

yeah, that's kinda how i've always felt about their relationship, he seems toxic af.
the hills was like 75% fake so it's not really fair to make this assumption based on that


4 months ago


4 months ago


4 months ago

She used to always show up on my Snapchat and her drinking would concern me

She would do things like post in the morning “day 1 of no drinking!” And then already be drinking by that afternoon
I just went to her IG. Wow. I expected her to look much worse after all those surgeries. They've settled quite well!
Love isn’t dead
But love is in a medically-induced coma after a night of eight-balls and auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong.
If this is a Speidi/other pop-culture reference, IDGI. If it’s random, I’ll pray for you bb 😂

Deleted comment

The psychological term for it is "folie à deux".
now i'm curious what got deleted


4 months ago

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