Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Honest Trailer | Mulan (2020)

Based on the Chinese legend that already inspired a beloved animated feature, comes Disney's all new reimagining of premium VOD pricing strategies to service an evolving consumer dynamic, Mulan!

Tags: honest trailer / reaction video / satire

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I lolled at Wannabe Inigo Montoya.

Haven't seen the film, but this was the best thing I have ever watch.
LOL, especially the Vegeta part. XD

I loved mulan as a child but I won't watch this, not just because it's ridiculously overpriced for single people who because of government regulations can't have guests over, but because of everything. This movie is so boycottable
ohh I didn't know she had a Youtube channel
This movie was pretty but that was all it was, boring prettiness.

And ugh, the whole taking your hair down to go into battle is so annoying. That is women’s true power in super hero movies, always keeping their hair out of their face.
Removing her armor... why?
Keep the fucking armor on jfc
Ikr? That entire sequence made me so angry. It's not badass. Arrows flying everywhere men swinging swords and spears from all directions, dead bodies all over the ground, wind and sand blowing everywhere, and she wants limit her peripheral vision even more? Tying her hair back doesn't make her less of a woman. Wtf is this bs?
That whole sequences are ridiculous, she takes her armor off, pulls her hair down and thats supposed to make her more of a woman? Like no thanks, I hate when movies do it. As much as I loved the no mans land sequence in Wonder Woman as soon as she took her hair down I got frustrated especially when she was trained with her hair up and out of her face.
I don't even play on PS4 with my hair down.
It was shit
The cgi was bad, the story was bad, the acting was really bad
It took itself so seriously, there was no humor
Just watch the 2009 version
I don’t think I’ve liked a single live action version yet. Aladdin is as probably the best of the bunch, but that isn’t saying much. These films make money (or used to) but are totally forgettable
Cinderella is boring, but pretty!
I actually liked the Jungle Book quite a bit but as a whole these live actions have been subpar.
Yeah, I think that's the best one I've seen. Albeit I have not seen many. I thought the live action Beauty and the Beast was atrocious
I think the traditional Disney Princess movies like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast worked well because they were easy to do and it’s hard to mess up unless you drastically change the story.

I actually really liked Cinderella. It wasn’t groundbreaking but it was good. Beauty and the Beast wasn’t bad either although I know people don’t like Emma Watson but I think she was passable.
Cinderella is my favourite even though it's pretty much great gowns, beautiful gowns the movie. I think it actually succeeds in what is sets out to do because it leans into being a fairytale movie more than the other live action remakes. It doesn't really try to fix the flaws of the original like so many of the others, it doesn't overcomplicate things, and it doesn't feel as cynical. Cate Blanchett gets to be a fun villain, the leads are pretty and charming, and the costumes are gorgeous.


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7 months ago

I remember liking the 101 Dalmatian with Glen Close. She was batshit crazy in all the best ways.

Deleted comment

I really liked Cinderella, I thought it was really charming and Lily James was great


7 months ago

omfg the gender reveal part LOLOL savage
i can't believe that they were clearly trying to pander to China and still flopped there
if they wanted to pander to china they should have hired chinese writers and department heads who would have made it historically and culturally accurate so the film wasn't distracting for it's intended audience


September 15 2020, 23:38:32 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 23:41:34 UTC

There’s already a Chinese made Mulan movie. Honestly I don’t think white people who work in the creative industries understand Chinese people in China if they are watching a foreign movie made by Disney they what to watch aspirational foreign movies starring white people set in Europe or the US. Like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast or the Marvel movies starring their favourite basic white boys. They don’t want to see Chinese American movies or movies made by white people about China, they’ve already got their domestic movies in Chinese for that. Also imagine if American people watched a movie starring American people and they spoke a different language (like how this Mulan is in English) it’s weird.
Lmao the jungle book call out got me 🤣
pretty crazy that this got pretty good reviews, almost no one who has seen it seems to like it
What they said about it trying to be a superhero movie, a movie about female empowerment, a kungfu movie and a Disney Princess movie all at the same time and failing is true.
It is true. I kind of enjoyed it but I went in with low expectations. I was just going to wait for it to be in the regular member tier but my bf decided to go for it and since we'd both be watching in our own places, it would be like two tickets anyway. So there was that, but there are both things to like and things to hate and the filming where there are concentration camps and things like having an all-white main creative team are huuuuuuuuuge missteps.

But really, low expectations kind of made the difference for me.

It's pretty.
I died at "most of them thanks to Mulan", lmao.

I haven't watched the animated feature, maybe I should.

Deleted comment

OG Mulan is the best Disney animated film
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