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onTD ORIGINAL: 6 tv-shows I started to watch but know I will never finish.

Just 6 tv-shows that I once watched and then decided to quit but not in a "I saw like 2 episode and realized I didn't like it" kinda way more like "youknowwhat I don't want to watch you any more" kinda way.

bye 😘

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what tv-shows did you start but won't finish??
Tags: 13 reasons why (netflix), big little lies (hbo), how to get away with murder (abc), ontd original, television, the walking dead / ftwd (amc), veep (hbo), westworld (hbo)

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How to Get Away with Murder: SAME. I think I really enjoyed the first season, too, but I have no desire to pick it back up again.
Westworld: Watched maybe three or four episodes mainly because my husband was watching and I was in the same room. Felt meh about it. He never watched it again and I didn't care about it at all so never watched more.
Veep: I've watched a couple episodes here, a couple there and always want to sit down and watch it all the way through, but just never pick it when I'm finding something to watch. Maybe one day when I'm old and gray...
The Walking Dead: Never watched it, was already sick of the whole zombie shit by the time that show started
Big Little Lies: Don't know, don't care
13 Reasons Why: Watched the whole first season for some reason, realizing the whole time it was garbage. No interest in any more seasons.
I never finished "The Americans." I dropped out at about season four(?).


September 15 2020, 23:52:38 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 23:54:06 UTC

Weeds - I stopped when the uncle paid a prostitute to give his 11 year old nephew a handjob

The 100 - I think I got 5 episodes in, but just couldn’t get into it. Also I hated Clark

How To Get Away With Murder - for some reason it seemed like the writing was severely dumbed down, almost like it was talking down to its audience. Maybe that was just my impression, but I didn’t care for it.

Jane The Virgin - didn’t even have much to go, but once Michael came back, I couldn’t deal with it.

The Vampire Diaries - stopped after season 3. Too silly, repetitive, and way too much Damon.

Gossip Girl - I can’t even remember at what point I stopped watching, just that I never finished.

I've only watched The Walking Dead from this list, and I quit after Glenn died.

I binged the first season of In Treatment but I'm not sure I'll ever watch the rest. I think I burned myself out. The first season had me in tears more than once.

I don't remember ever finishing ER. I was so annoyed at Abby's cheating storyline and Goran actually cheating on his wife I didn't want to keep watching the show.

There are so many shows I gave up on the list would never end.
I’m an anomaly for ER, I’ve only ever watched seasons 10-15. I tried to go back to the start when the series finished, but couldn’t sustain interest because my familiarity with the show was based on the last generation of characters. Although, Carter was there but he’s the worst so I wasn’t about to watch 9 seasons for him.
I rewatched 6-9 recently and those are really the ones I remember well. The first 5 I even have dvds for (from YEARS ago) and still havent watched them. Im 90% sure I've actually seen the episodes but I didnt care enough to remember any of them. I really disliked George Clooney in every way. And Carol wasnt my favorite character. Carter really was the worst but I didnt realize it until my latest rewatch. I love Noah Wyle though.


4 months ago


September 16 2020, 00:15:45 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 00:35:35 UTC

I just remembered I gave up on CSI, too, after William Petersen left and they killed off Warrick. That season was a slog to get through, and idk how many more there were.

Also NCIS is still going? I gave that one up awhile ago.


September 16 2020, 00:09:57 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 00:10:45 UTC

I’m currently trying to make my way through the first season of Westworld but I have fallen asleep the last few episodes. I can’t maintain interest and I don’t know why.

I think the last series I watched in its entirety was Normal People. Shorter series are obviously easier to binge and finish, but I also had never read Normal People and had no real knowledge of what the show was about, hadn’t even seen the trailer. I just picked it at random one night.

I think my issue with a lot of other series is hearing of the hype and acclaim, so it makes me want to watch it and discover how great it is, but when I inevitably don’t finish or don’t find it interesting, that same hype and acclaim turn me off persisting with the series in a weird defiance?
Supernatural, Sherlock, and The Walking Dead. Only got a few episodes into each. I actively disliked Sherlock and was very 'meh' on the other two.

Doctor Who and Grey's Anatomy. I have made it through most of both of these shows, but I lost my steam somewhere around the last two or three seasons and have fallen off.

75% of the anime shows I start. I am very particular about what I want to watch in an anime, and it doesn't take much to turn me off of it. It is actually rare for me to see one all the way through to the end, tbh, but those ones are great.
Same for me with every single of these shows. Except I did end up catching up with HTGAWM this summer and last summer but I don't recommend, it was meh.

Watched 1 season of Big Little Lies, 1 season of Westworld, 3 and a bit seasons of The Walking Dead, 2 seasons or so of Veep but then it got too tough for me watching during our current times, and 1 season of Thirteen Reasons Why (which I did enjoy but then understood the backlash).

I have abandoned soooooo many shows, would make more sense to list the shows I actually finished. The ones I abandoned over 2 seasons into a show but before a show just kept going one and on ala Grey's or Smallville are Jane the Virgin, Brooklyn Nine-Nine latest season, Chicago Fire, Once Upon a Time, Desperate Housewives, Suits, Reign, Game of Thrones, Parks & Rec, Happy Endings, Lovesick, Nashville, Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, Victoria, The Mindy Project...

The weirdest one was when I just stopped watching The Flash right at the S1 finale.
I'm still watching Chicago Fire for Eamonn Walker (when they remember to give him a storyline I actually pay attention) but it's genuinely so awful I'm not surprised you gave it up. Someone pointed out they were all cop propaganda and I knew that, but having it pointed out has made it almost totally unwatchable.
I finished HTGAWM!

Yay for me!
I stopped watching HTGAWM, Walking Dead, GoT, The Flash, Handmaid's Tale, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Gossip Girl, Perfume, the Witcher, Agents of Shield, Mrs. America etc
Off the top of my head, I also never finished: Hannibal, Downton Abbey, Kidding, Madam Secretary, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, The Outsider, Buffy.
Ohhh Downton Abbey. I was so into it the first season, then completely lost interest 🤷‍♀️
so many shows honestly but I keep thinking about going to back and finishing Fresh Prince. I got a couple of eps into season 2 and just... never returned.
I had to force myself to quit Pretty Little Liars, it was pissing me off every week yet I couldn’t stop watching.
I finally finished True Blood a while ago and man was it stupid and disappointing.

I never watched the rest of Sense8 after they recast Capheus who was my favorite character and underused Sun, my next favorite.

I have tried several times but never finished DS9. Maybe if they were moving through space I could get into it more. idk. I liked Odo best and they spent too much time on Ferengi nonsense
These are shows I will never catch up on-

-Sleepy Hollow(seasons 1-3)- favorite character killed
-Dexter (seasons 1-7)- heard the finale sucked so I just never watched the last season
-Wynonna Earp (seasons 1-2)- found out my favorite character was killed off
-Supergirl(season 1 and first episode of season 2)- changed networks
-Grey's Anatomy (season 1-11)- A lot of reasons, Callie/Arizona breakup last straw.
-Criminal Minds (season 1-11)- Morgan left and I had already lost interest

These are shows I randomly stopped watching years ago but will one day finish

-Orange is the new black
-House of Cards
-The Fall
-The killing


September 16 2020, 06:24:13 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 06:25:49 UTC

Haven’t seen The Walking Dead or Westworld, but did start watching the other three only to never finish.

Also, started and will never finish House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Ozark, and a bunch of shows along those lines. I need heartwarming shit right now, okay? I get my anxiety and stress from the world, within the four walls of my home I want fucking comfort.
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