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onTD ORIGINAL: 6 tv-shows I started to watch but know I will never finish.

Just 6 tv-shows that I once watched and then decided to quit but not in a "I saw like 2 episode and realized I didn't like it" kinda way more like "youknowwhat I don't want to watch you any more" kinda way.

bye 😘

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what tv-shows did you start but won't finish??
Tags: 13 reasons why (netflix), big little lies (hbo), how to get away with murder (abc), ontd original, television, the walking dead / ftwd (amc), veep (hbo), westworld (hbo)

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oitnb- i think like a lot of people, i gave up after Poussey's death

twd- i think the last episode i watched was the one where michonne and rick (had to think about this, i thought it was mark for a sec) were randomly at a carnival? i gave up on caring about this show, but occasionally will binge watch it when a full season gets added to netflix. currently not bothering as i'm at a point where i remember enough of the last few eps i watched to not want to rewatch from the beginning of whatever season i left off on, but i don't remember enough that i knew what was going on to actually know whats happening

htgawm- i wish i gave this one up but i stuck out to the end for what? nothing lmao

handmaids tale- will probably not continue whenever s4 comes out. it plays out like some weird traumatic fever dream and i dont have energy for it

i'll usually "finish" shows (or at least watch enough of them, like sex and the city) esp with streaming where its so easy to track which eps you've already seen. my problem is actually starting the show lol
The book for Handmaid’s Tale was great and all
it ever needed was a mini series
A couple years ago, I watched Nip/Tuck on netflix but gave up when they moved to LA. The last straw was whatshisface lusting over a teenage girl.

Never watched the last season of Mr. Robot either. Honestly I got bored after I heard they killed off Angela (even tho I know it was the actress who wanted out), I was still pressed they killed Joanna.
I've only watched TWD on this list and quit after Carl died
*Fear the Walking Dead-tried for about 4-5 episodes, hated the mom and couldn't be bothered with anyone else
*Orphan Black-when the male clones showed up
*Atypical-I really hate the parents
*Doctor Who-I really hated Clara and just never bothered to pick it backup once she was dead
*Supernatural-I'll watch the series finale just because I was so INTO that show for so long, and I want to see if they give it a proper sendoff (lbr, they won't)
*Mr. Robot-I just kept forgetting it was on
I also plan on watching the SPN finale, although I haven’t watched since season six...I was obsessed during seasons 1-3
I'll finish SPN but after everyone has moved on.
Orphan black, on the list.


September 15 2020, 21:44:54 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 21:48:25 UTC

Never going to finish The Good Place, because I read a recap of the finale and it's going to make me cry and I can't!

Also Orphan Black. Also Gilmore Girls: stopped watching around S4 or 5 and I just refuse.
orphan black is one of these shows that i started but will probably never finish. the show completely LOST me in season 3 even though season 4 was a slight call back to the first season i think by then it was too late and any interest i had of this show had been killed off.

happy tati got her emmy tho!!!
Veep because the last two, to three seasons were not at all funny anymore.

Walking Dead became a shitshow and then a whole slew of American comedic series. Blah. So bland. New Girl springs to mind
Crazy Ex Girlfriend... her behavior just made me cringe SO much. I had to give up in the middle of the episode when she breaks into Josh's apartment. I can't remember why she was doing it but I was like looking away from the screen waiting for it to be over and eventually just turned it off and haven't returned since
i feel the same about Rebecca. her behavior was so awful I couldn't stand her using bpd as a cover for her shit. I did stick around for the songs though, there were some bangers
Honestly, it would be easier to list the TV series that I did finish. There's way too much content out there these days and way too many TV series that go on forever. Besides Big Little Lies, I didn't finish any of the series on that list either, OP.

Just to name a few in a long list:

OITNB when they killed off Poussey
Ozark after a few episodes. I was bored.
Grey's after season 13
Fargo Season 3
True Detective Season 3
Chicago Fire Season 3
New Girl Season 4 , Barry Season 2
Scandal, The Leftovers, The Handmaid's Tale Season 3, The Flash S4, TVD after S6

I heard great things about Succession but I gave up after 1x04. I will probably pick it back up eventually. I'm really craving for Black content or any truly diverse TV series so a show centered around rich white terrible people is not my cup of tea at the moment.


September 15 2020, 21:58:05 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 21:59:20 UTC

Supernatural, HTGAWM, TWD, and The Good Place. I watched the first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why and stopped before the Bryce season. Adding Handmaids’s Tale and New Girl. I think I stopped after S2 for both of those.


September 15 2020, 22:01:00 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 22:02:25 UTC

Lol most of the TV shows I start watching I never finish. But I watch very few shows anyway. Out of those, the only one I watched was HTGAWM and yes, I didn’t finish it. I dropped it when Wes died. I didn’t even particularly like Wes but it was clear to me the writers didn’t really knew what they were doing and just wanted explosive plot twists.

I finished Big Little Lies but the second season was a waste of everyone’s time.
True Blood (I think I made it to S4), Weeds (S4), and Arrested Development. I love the first 3 seasons of AD and when S4 came out I watched the first few eps but couldn't finish it.
Oh and Doctor Who I stopped around the time after the eleventh Doctor showed up
Watchmen...I tried but I couldn't follow what was going on.

After about 2 episodes, I dropped it.

Oh, Sleepy Hollow because ONTD knows what happened. -will not going into a rage-
Outlander is mine. I liked the few episodes that I've seen, but I read that the show has a lot of rape scenes and likes to pretty much torture it's main characters. Also The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead went downhill badly! Luckily Kingdom on Netflix is a much superior replacement.
Outlander for me too. I watched the first season, which was pretty much just loosely connected plots meant to get the characters to fuck or get tortured. And I've heard the seasons only get stupider and more boring as they progress, so there's no way I'm sitting through four more seasons lmao
yeah I started watching Outlander when I was feeling nostalgic for Scotland and wow wow wow I should not have forced myself to finish that first season. It felt like some kind of fanfic come to life, where rape is used as a plot device just to get the characters to ~feel things

also, I couldn't shake that this woman from the 20th century going back to the 18th would've probably felt so unclean the entire time?? like how bad did everyone else smell to her? couldn't stop thinking about that during even the ~sexy scenes. by the 3rd day of not being able to brush my teeth or wear deodorant I would've thrown myself off one of those castles I stg
I'm the same way about sex scenes in historical fiction. I imagine everyone's breath must have been foul and I doubt everyone washed their undercarriage on a regular basis.
The Americans, Killing Eve, Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead, Perry Mason.

All decent shows except TWD is now garbage, lol. I just haven't continued watching them, Idk why.
I really liked Perry Mason. It moved pretty slow a majority of the time but the acting and characters were great.
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