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onTD ORIGINAL: 6 tv-shows I started to watch but know I will never finish.

Just 6 tv-shows that I once watched and then decided to quit but not in a "I saw like 2 episode and realized I didn't like it" kinda way more like "youknowwhat I don't want to watch you any more" kinda way.

bye 😘

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what tv-shows did you start but won't finish??
Tags: 13 reasons why (netflix), big little lies (hbo), how to get away with murder (abc), ontd original, television, the walking dead / ftwd (amc), veep (hbo), westworld (hbo)

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I forget I was watching them. Lol.

Like I just remembered I started these but forgot to finish them.
I never watched the latest season of Stranger Things and I don't plan to.
honestly the more i think about the third season the more i hate it so you didn't miss out on anything
You aren't missing much
same. i didn't enjoy s2 that much and felt fine not finishing the series. s1 was good enough for me
I was underwhelmed by season 1 and only made it halfway through season 2....I’m wasn’t expecting twists and turns like in “Dark”, but it just seemed like the first season was very light in story
It was...fine, but it was kind of a throwaway season. Not much happened story/character wise to justify watching it.
Out of what I watch on this list I've only watch Westworld and Big Little Lies

Usually when I find a show I get excited for the first two seasons then forget about some where between middle of season 2 or the start of season 3
For me it was Breaking Bad, it got way too bleak after a while. In the same vein, never finished Narcos: Mexico. It’s good, but started to feel tedious and repetitive after a while. Lastly, The Mandalorian, which just bored me to tears after a few episodes.
Lol i like to stop after a certain season and return to watch the series finale. I did that with htgawm.
I guess that's what I'm doing with Supernatural, lol.
i stopped watching westworld after s1 and it makes me kinda sad bc i don't remember anything that happened and when i tried to continue with s2 a while ago i was so confused that it felt like i had to rewatch all of s1 and...i don't want to? but i remember i really enjoyed s1
S2 was crap and overly convoluted even if you *did* remember everything that happened in S1 you're not missing much lol
i agree with everything, maybe except VEEP because I do like it but I understand if someone doesn't.

honestly i don't know how you watched 8 seasons of TWD...
Game of thrones - I only watched the first season, I understand it’s appeal I guess but there was just too many characters and I couldn’t be bothered.

Pretty little liars- should have quit earlier but I think i ended up watching a few seasons, once they did the fakeout of creepy Ezra being A i was done.

I also quit HTGAWM, and I’m sure Better Call Saul isn’t bad but I just didn’t find it compelling enough to continue after an ep or two.
I stopped watching The Walking Dead at the end of season 4. No regrets. Characters I liked kept being killed (which, it's TWD, I expect, but it was several women in a close time frame).

I watched s1 of Westworld with my bf but he didn't want to continue and I read what happened in s2 and s3 and it doesn't really tempt me back as much as I love much of the cast.
I never finished Orange is the New Black and never plan to
the last two seasons were really good imo

but i totally understand why so many stopped watching after Poussey
In addition to the decreasing quality, it just gave me anxiety. I can’t watch stuff about life in prison
Oh! Same. I forget how many seasons I actually watched - maybe 3? I liked it while I was watching it, but I think when I got to season 3 I was caught up and once the next season came out I was just not interested any more.
I tried watching the season after the riot but quit after a few eps because those first episodes in the supermax were so heavy and dark it was a chore getting through them.
Westworld (what a shame), HTGAWM, Scandal, Supernatural, TWD.
I quit so many tv shows. There's too many to name.
I gave “Orange is the New Black” about five episodes and gave up. I watched the first episode of “”Stranger Things”’and didn’t go further. I watched the first season of “Sleepy Hollow” but didn’t continue. I watched “Supernatural” until “The French Connection” and never went back.
I for some reason stuck it out with Veep until the last season but I haven’t even finished it. The last two seasons (and the decline started in season 5) were so bad. The show should have ended after Armando Ianucci left.
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