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Reflecting on Girlfriends 20 Years Later - What is Hitting Different This Time Now that We Grown

Now that Girlfriends is on Netflix, Traces Ellis Ross posed a question on Instagram: now that time has passed and we grown now - what is hitting different now. OP was 7 when this came out but to this day, she still remembers the Toni getting Botox episode (turned OP off the idea of cosmetic procedures forever). Here are some things OP has noticed as she's making her way through the series.

1. They Aunt Viv'd Darnell. In the first season, Maya's husband was played by Flex Alexander but in subsequent seasons is played by Khalil Kain who is like a foot shorter. Fla-dap!
2. A lot of these issues that young black people face now are the same, we've just ditched the low rise jeans. Wanting to work to not be a token in the workplace, being in your 20s/30s and not having everything together, ummm dating preferences (y'all know the episode I'm talking about).
3. When Greg comes back into Toni's life, he's giving Bob Ross vibes at the restaurant - that poof and that blue shirt and he just sold some paintings.
4. How smart and emotional this show is (OP always thought of it of a mature comedy) but there are some really cutting, heartbreaking moments like Toni going to the altar, Maya and Darnell 2's breakup, Joan's heartbreak over Sean).
5. The Stan subplot is much more developed than Netflix's Fatal Affair.
6. The Toni/Joan friendship is toxic as hell. Like damn!
7. Joan Clayton's wardrobe is OP's dream wardrobe which can still be styled today.
8. For the caucasian set, if you say the n-word Lynn's speech to her sister can be copied and pasted for you along with that ass whoopin'.
9. OP might consider dating short men.
10. OP appreciated that none of the main characters or side characters like Yvonne were multifaceted and none played into the 'dumb/airhead trope'

Have you been watching? What is hitting different for y'all? Are you getting toned arm and booty envy?
Tags: black celebrities, netflix

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