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Reflecting on Girlfriends 20 Years Later - What is Hitting Different This Time Now that We Grown

Now that Girlfriends is on Netflix, Traces Ellis Ross posed a question on Instagram: now that time has passed and we grown now - what is hitting different now. OP was 7 when this came out but to this day, she still remembers the Toni getting Botox episode (turned OP off the idea of cosmetic procedures forever). Here are some things OP has noticed as she's making her way through the series.

1. They Aunt Viv'd Darnell. In the first season, Maya's husband was played by Flex Alexander but in subsequent seasons is played by Khalil Kain who is like a foot shorter. Fla-dap!
2. A lot of these issues that young black people face now are the same, we've just ditched the low rise jeans. Wanting to work to not be a token in the workplace, being in your 20s/30s and not having everything together, ummm dating preferences (y'all know the episode I'm talking about).
3. When Greg comes back into Toni's life, he's giving Bob Ross vibes at the restaurant - that poof and that blue shirt and he just sold some paintings.
4. How smart and emotional this show is (OP always thought of it of a mature comedy) but there are some really cutting, heartbreaking moments like Toni going to the altar, Maya and Darnell 2's breakup, Joan's heartbreak over Sean).
5. The Stan subplot is much more developed than Netflix's Fatal Affair.
6. The Toni/Joan friendship is toxic as hell. Like damn!
7. Joan Clayton's wardrobe is OP's dream wardrobe which can still be styled today.
8. For the caucasian set, if you say the n-word Lynn's speech to her sister can be copied and pasted for you along with that ass whoopin'.
9. OP might consider dating short men.
10. OP appreciated that none of the main characters or side characters like Yvonne were multifaceted and none played into the 'dumb/airhead trope'

Have you been watching? What is hitting different for y'all? Are you getting toned arm and booty envy?
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Flex Alexander was so fine as Darnell, I wanted him back PRONTO.

Girlfriends was the first show I watched that handled HIV/AIDS so I'm looking forward to seeing that episode again. I do appreciate how the show focused on Black women and showed them in careers, wanting love, reproductive health, and issues like the workplace.

It does have a slightly conservative tint, but that is par the course.

I will say it makes me sad that so many mainstream Black shows are still just as straight and heterocentric. also, I hope we can get some more Black atheists on shows.
Flex is fine but Khalil tho makes me sooooo hot and bothered lmao
I’m still a couple eps into the first season but my god Toni is an awful colorist mess like I don’t remember her being so insufferable as a kid lol
LOL, Toni like a legitimately bad person. Super entertaining to watch, but I definitely did not pick up on this as a kid.
her redemption arc was p convincing (if heavy handedly religious)
I hate how she always used to mispronounce Jabari on purpose.


1 month ago

I still use the “Is it a stroke? Is it a stroke?!” Line. That Botox episode was everything. 😂😂
I’ve had the series on DVD for five years and I literally just did a rewatch 3 years ago but maybe it’s because I’ve grown more and dealt with so much friendship wise but Jesus Christ, Toni is the fucking worst friend on the planet.

I now side eye anyone who says Molly on Insecure is anything like Toni Childs.
I have DVD the set that I subsequently transferred to my computer so watching reruns of the show is like a ritual for me at this point. I am exhausted with all the think pieces surrounding the Bloody knife scene. For God sake, it was very clear what the writers were trying to convey yet people insist on getting outraged about it
This is off the top of my head but My favorite Part of the first episode:
Maya: what? Why you looking at me?
Toni: I’m sorry, it’s why ARE you looking at me, you dropped verbs
Maya: Toni, I go to college, I don’t need you correcting me
Toni: Obviously they didn’t teach you a sentence must have a verb
Maya: well I did learn that KISS is both a verb and a noun so how about you give my ass a kiss or kiss my ass


September 15 2020, 20:04:34 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 20:05:36 UTC

toni is so so SO awful in the pilot. i'd never seen it before and damn i can't imagine watching that ep and wanting to see any more of her treating joan like that

question, how long does davis hang around? he's fine

edit: just looked him up. still fine! i'm so happy to be black lol
I haven't started rewatching yet. But, i have a vague memory of William using pizza to pacify people at his office so they went after Joan.

I feel like this is a very real thing in an office environment.
LOL yes -- he did it with the press for one of their cases
ok not LOL -- not sure why i typed that!
I've seen a few episodes here and there but never really watched it. Excited to jump in after I finish P Valley.

I think Girlfriends was one of the few shows I watched growing up that showed Black people going to therapy. I’m glad that it’s continued in shows like Insecure.
I'm rewatching it now. A lot of these topics are timeless, and I love how everyone is messy in their own way. I like all the characters for different reasons.
I’ve been on a rewatch since it got on Netflix.

1) Flex got a better gig and left for his own show so he wasn’t Aunt Viv’d
2) Joan and Toni is toxic but they talk about it being toxic and Joan goes to therapy over it so it’s not like it’s swept under the rug.

For me this show stands the test of time. It’s still funny and heartwarming even years later. Really enjoying the rewatch.
Molly is compared to Toni a LOT but I think the dissonance is that Toni is both worse and aware that she is and we get to actually see her grow very, very slowly over the series.
Yeah. There is no way they are comparable. Toni tried to sleep with Joans boyfriend when she was mad at her. I can’t see Molly ever actively trying to take Issa down.
Starting it tonight! I never watched from the beginning but I saw a clip on Twitter of Toni at the altar that did get me in my feels. I'm excited to appreciate the topics everyone's mentioned, no way I would have unpacked them as a kid lol
I found it weird that they kept harping on Lynn being biracial when Tracee herself is biracial. Also Khalil was better than Flex as Darnell
Khalil is foineeeee

Some of the biracial jokes are downright mean and hurt my feelings tbh
So I’m guessing Joan isn’t biracial in the show? I just started and was thinking her and Lynn were sisters lol
lol no they were just friends. On the show Joan's parents are both black. Lynn was adopted by white people but her birth dad was black
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