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Netflix 'Cheer' star Jerry Harris allegedly solicited nude photos, sex from minors

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The FBI is investigating allegations that celebrity cheerleader Jerry Harris solicited sexually explicit photos and sex from minors.

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Heavy sigh.
Absolutely disgusting


September 15 2020, 23:18:31 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 23:21:31 UTC

I'm 37.

Been on the internet since I was 16.

Never ONCE asked another human of any age for a nude pic.

Online or IRL.

Like, it's just not something I've ever THOUGHT to do.

Not a random, not somebody I was talking to/interested in.

So, the idea that ANYONE would hit up a MINOR for a pic is extra foreign to me.
are you a guy? I feel like for guys it’s like asking what pizza toppings you like? Nudes not nudes from underage ppl.

(Which is not to say it is good but that it’s so normalized sadly)
Yep, guy. And straight. So...I know...real enigma, here, lol.

I've received nudes (unsolicited) and sent them (in a mutually reciprocal manner, without asking) but I've just never asked asked myself.

99% of my friends are female, so the idea that there are guys who just go around asking random women on the internet for nudes just seems exhausting. I'd very much rather trade Spotify playlists and memes, lol

Also, you know how many female friends have said to and of me that I am the ~ONLY~ male friend who didn't ask for pics or make them feel uncomfortable at least once? It's friggin' creepy out here.
2020 is not leaving ANYTHING behind, damn
his mother is super disappointed in him. I hope he knows that.
for fuck's sake, what makes a person do this? I know it's a power imbalance, but also it has to be a mental one too. are there that many mentally fucked up
what am I saying. of course there are. smh. men are disgusting.
His story broke my heart and he seemed like such an amazing person. Why, JERRY. WHY?! What the fuck.
I know. I was rooting for him, like, I texted my sis and bff about him and insisted they watch. he was the shining beacon. fucking a.
I was rooting for him. We were ALL rooting for him. Fucker.
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