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Netflix 'Cheer' star Jerry Harris allegedly solicited nude photos, sex from minors

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The FBI is investigating allegations that celebrity cheerleader Jerry Harris solicited sexually explicit photos and sex from minors.

source 1 / source 2
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ugh. he is trash. i feel so bad for those poor boys.
damn why Jerry...literally we were all rooting for you!! disgusting!!
This is really awful for the minors and so sad for the minors
After reading the full article - damn I feel bad for those kids who say they’ve lost friends for being honest about the abuse.

And I’m sure they are not the only boys Jerry has approached. He apparently started messaging one of them on IG when the kid was 13 and he approached them.

These kids hopefully have saved a lot of others by going to the police.
Wouldn’t withholding last names be pointless if the article is going to post the victims pictures?

Regardless, fuck Jerry. I feel like the Tyra gif
no. because in 10 years if you google "charlie (last name)" this wont come up
Oh good point didn’t think of that. Was just thinking you could reverse search the image or something, so made more sense to not have name AND pic. Didn’t put it together/
when the story first broke i was hoping it was some misunderstanding but like....he is a full blown child molester. it is so beyond awful
Reading the first article is...something. With the pictures and everything, it’s super disturbing. I’m glad they’re speaking up. They seem to imply this is a problem within the cheer world, and I hope this helps puts an end to it. I was a dancer for many years as a child and teenager and saw, and in hindsight experienced, a few questionable interactions. It’s interesting how it can take a while to process something like this, but I think it’s really brave of them to open up so immediately and have a supportive team behind them.
Never watched cheer but everyone who reviewed it loved Jerry and said he was amazing and seemed like a amazing person so fuuuck not expected
Yeah, and his story was heartbreaking bc he lost his mom and he clearly was very attached to her. He was also the one person who'd always cheer everyone else on and didn't let his limitations stop him. This is definitely surprising.
What does she say @ 00:34? "I feel like I was..."?
"I feel like I was attune to the fact that they were friends with him"
Thank you!
those poor kids :((((
I realize this can happen anywhere, but this is pretty close to me and is freaking me out.
oh wow I just read the article. I hope they can recover the deleted messages. It’s disgusting. Seems like he targeted the more insecure twin which is such a predator MO!

And they were abused by ANOTHER coach too??? Burn the industry down is2g
jesus christ
wow, talk about shocking. but he's still a man, so i don't know why i'm surprised

i was looking for tweets about this and seeing shit about a qanon conspiracy theory and breitbart news posting a lot about it, was this some kind of open secret in certain places or what?
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