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David Oyelowo on Why He’s Working With Director Nate Parker

Nate Parker is directing David Oyelowo’s film “Sweet Thunder,” a biopic about boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson.
Oyelowo defended his decision to work with the filmmaker.

“I have a pretty good discernment when it comes to good people. He is a good person beyond his fallibility, beyond the mistakes he made. And I believe in redemption. I believe in forgiveness and he is someone I have been around enough to know that in my opinion he is worthy of that.”

“He made mistakes in the middle of that whole controversy. He lacked a certain contrition that he now has as a human being. I believe that the man that is going to re-emerge when he does come back into the public consciousness is going to be someone who people are going to see his regret, see his compassion, see his maturation, see his growth, see his deserving of redemption,”

“As it says in the Bible, all have sinned and fallen short — all of us. Therefore, let us have the compassion to recognize that and see where there are people who are truly contrite, truly desirous to be better going forward. What I would say about Nate is his handling of it when it happened was wrong and it lacked the compassion that needed to be seen.”

“I believe that with time the tide will turn and me working with him is part of an offering to him of my desire to see him redeemed,” 

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Welp goodbye!!
Rape is not a mistake that someone makes, and rapists don't deserve redemption.
And they're certainly not going to be redeemed from making a good film. Like wtf is that line of thinking?!
Didn't Nate Parker also harass the victim after the rape? Like- that's a series of horrific decisions.
I love it when people call it a mistake when it was really a choice. They are entirely different things.

Deliberate choices are what you make. A mistake is what you call it after you get caught.
/end post
sounds like every christian defending trump
someone I know told me her super christian mom would literally forgive someone if they brutally murdered her and I was like THE FUCK?! but being gay? nope, not ok! Love christian thought process.
he really came on and said today is a great day for me to sink my reputation and good will for a rapist
Right? Like wtf
"a pretty good discernment" lmfao
As it says in the Bible...

annnnd i've stopped reading
Well the Bible does tell women to marry their rapists so
Ah yes, the old "bible said it was cool I work with a rapist" defense.
It's time to bring scaphism back.

I'm fucking tired of people acting like rape is on par with a fender bender. Its not a fucking whoopsies.
It's crazy to me because I feel like killing someone can be more of a grey area than rape. Like, it can be an accident or self defense but none of that applies to rape, its purposeful and offensive. So to see people brush it off feels so insane.
Killing someone can be completely understandable. I’m not saying it’s ok, but it’s something I can understand in certain circumstances.

Raping someone cannot.
I completely agree, killing absolutely can be more of a gray area than rape.

I don't care whyou are or what you've done, NO ONE deserves to be raped. Killed? Yeah, maybe. But never ever ever raped.
yeah. even in terms of like, measuring pain caused. being raped is absolutely worse than being murdered. even if the rape was one isolated occurrence - the victim is then left with the trauma of it. if the victim is murdered... they're just dead. which is horrible, obviously, but at least they don't experience further pain from it.
Just looked up what scaphism is and watched a YouTube. Yikes.
bye pumpkin
I just don't even have the words for shit like this anymore. I'm just tired.
There's no need for men to cape for men just because they're men. Put that on a shirt.
Oyelowo is a devout Christian so his comments about contrition, atonement, redemption, forgiveness are on brand for his belief system.

Deleted comment

It probably won’t.

Society doesn’t care about rape. It pays lip service, but that’s it.

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September 15 2020, 20:35:27 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 20:35:53 UTC

If he was a woman, people would ask. Chadwick Boseman and Arnie Hammer defended Nate and no one cared.

Deleted comment

uh... rape is not a run of the mill 'mistake' someone makes.
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