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David Oyelowo on Why He’s Working With Director Nate Parker

Nate Parker is directing David Oyelowo’s film “Sweet Thunder,” a biopic about boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson.
Oyelowo defended his decision to work with the filmmaker.

“I have a pretty good discernment when it comes to good people. He is a good person beyond his fallibility, beyond the mistakes he made. And I believe in redemption. I believe in forgiveness and he is someone I have been around enough to know that in my opinion he is worthy of that.”

“He made mistakes in the middle of that whole controversy. He lacked a certain contrition that he now has as a human being. I believe that the man that is going to re-emerge when he does come back into the public consciousness is going to be someone who people are going to see his regret, see his compassion, see his maturation, see his growth, see his deserving of redemption,”

“As it says in the Bible, all have sinned and fallen short — all of us. Therefore, let us have the compassion to recognize that and see where there are people who are truly contrite, truly desirous to be better going forward. What I would say about Nate is his handling of it when it happened was wrong and it lacked the compassion that needed to be seen.”

“I believe that with time the tide will turn and me working with him is part of an offering to him of my desire to see him redeemed,” 

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Why not be honest and say "it doesn't matter to me that he's a rapist"? Because that's all it is. Rape isn't a "mistake" and I am so fucking tired of people defending these men.
If it was a "mistake," why did he stalk and harass the victim later on??? I feel like that part always gets left out of the narrative.
Because men are allowed to make mistakes that cost people their mental health and lives and STILL have supporters. Disgusting.
No. Rape is deliberate, and add the harassment and gaslighting that went along with it...

I can understand forgiveness if the person truly tried to atone for what they did. That asshole couldn't even admit he and his friend raped that girl. Fuck him.
I've read the bible and I'm pretty sure that it doesn't say to forgive a rapist. Bye. I can't stand people who use religion to excuse bad behavior. Fuck all the way off.
Raping someone isn't a 'mistake'. It's a choice to hurt and violate someone.

And like, even IF you believe someone can be redeemed from that, they first have to take full responsibility for their actions and the harm they caused. From what I can tell, Nate Parker views himself as a victim.
"rape" goes beyond "sin", bud.
Mess, goodbye fool
So much for rape accusations ruining men’s careers I guess.
Of course he's religious lmao
Men don’t genuinely actually care about women, they never have and they never will.


September 15 2020, 21:28:56 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 21:33:49 UTC

As it says in the Bible

whoomp, there it is. I want to love him, but I majorly side-eyed that whole 'escaped rapist is redeemed when a white lady reads him the Bible' movie with Kate Mara, now this?? Like, the fact that Nate's "contrite" now after he got publicly called out and not after he actually DID the shit just says it all. Come onnnnn.

Oh, and when Kanye was on his "I'm Nat Turner" shit last night I was just like "...you only saw that misogynistic movie and nothing else, didn't you."
Please shut up forever
He's got such a cult leader energy.
For Mental Gymnastics, I give him a 9.38.
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