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David Oyelowo on Why He’s Working With Director Nate Parker

Nate Parker is directing David Oyelowo’s film “Sweet Thunder,” a biopic about boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson.
Oyelowo defended his decision to work with the filmmaker.

“I have a pretty good discernment when it comes to good people. He is a good person beyond his fallibility, beyond the mistakes he made. And I believe in redemption. I believe in forgiveness and he is someone I have been around enough to know that in my opinion he is worthy of that.”

“He made mistakes in the middle of that whole controversy. He lacked a certain contrition that he now has as a human being. I believe that the man that is going to re-emerge when he does come back into the public consciousness is going to be someone who people are going to see his regret, see his compassion, see his maturation, see his growth, see his deserving of redemption,”

“As it says in the Bible, all have sinned and fallen short — all of us. Therefore, let us have the compassion to recognize that and see where there are people who are truly contrite, truly desirous to be better going forward. What I would say about Nate is his handling of it when it happened was wrong and it lacked the compassion that needed to be seen.”

“I believe that with time the tide will turn and me working with him is part of an offering to him of my desire to see him redeemed,” 

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September 15 2020, 19:56:57 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 20:14:16 UTC

You’re a misogynist who doesn’t care about women being raped and committing suicide over it and their subsequent treatment.

Just be honest.
fuck you. piece of shit.


September 15 2020, 19:58:39 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 19:59:18 UTC

Dr. Umar's "You negros are full of....doodoo" playing in my head
Why is my week suddenly full of 'rape's just a mistake a man makes (and if you don't forgive him you're a bad person!!!)' bullshit. Just yesterday someone linked me a f-n reddit discussion re: these themes. Stop doing this shit. All of it.
lol of course he religious, men likethat dont care when we abused and raped because ~~~god forgives~~~~ motherfucker you can fall off in a goddamn cliff. fuck you and your god.
He says "mistakes" but I say "choices." Parker made choices over and over again that harmed an innocent woman and when she died by suicide, he made more shitty choices in how he responded. He's never taken responsibility for his choices and actions. He is remorseless. Nothing about that equals a good person. There is no redemption for raping someone. It's not a redeemable action.
it's not even just that nate parker and his friend raped this woman. [Spoiler (click to open)]they set out to destroy her life. they harrassed her to the point where she had to leave school after assaulting her and the trauma from that event led to her committing suicide. if i was david oyelowo's wife or their daughter i would feel unsafe that he was able to forgive this (not that these actions are even his to forgive in the first place). i hate that people use the bible as a balm for abusers whilst spitting on the abused, i hate that "forgiveness" is being contorted to mean actively helping an abuser who is not even good at his job gain fame and money at the expense of rape victims everywhere.

if the right co-opting "cancel culture" isn't enough to convince people it doesn't exist, seeing known rapists exposed during #metoo bounce back with the help and support of fellow men really should put any of these foolish notions to bed.
ikr... how can someone even theoretically be redeemable if they show no regret at all and instead contempt for the person they wronged?
which abusers will ALWAYS do because that's how they justify the abuse in their heads. "oh, the abused must like this", "oh, the abused person is nothing anyway i woudn't do this to a real person", "i am only asserting my dominance" and so on and so forth
The not good at his job thing is such a good thing to bring up because Nate Parker is a disgusting person AND his work is not good. His last film got bad reviews and Birth of a Nation is actually terrible. Like to the point where it’s the one film I can believe something fishy was happening to the reviews because the glowing reception it initially got post Sundance was baffling considering the actual product. Why bother choosing this rancid hill to die on?


6 months ago

how can he be redeemed when he hasn't even admitted his guilt properly?
I hate that Christian "everyone has sinned" bullshit, it tries to equalize people who do actual evil things with people who once thought jealous thoughts about a friend and other petty shit, like...yeah, we've all sinned, but some people commit worse sins and still only feel half as bad about it!
The whole concept of forgiveness in Christianity has always bother me. The belief that heaven is a place where I have as much chances to get in as a fucking rapist.

Rape is not a mistake. It's a full on, conscious decision someone makes over another person's body purely driven on selfish impulse. But sure, let's go with "He's sorry. He's a nice person" and thats the end of it. Fuck it for the poor souls that got screw while he's figuring out how to be a decent human being.
Fuck this.
men are trash. what will it take for them to see women as human beings.
Men lifting up other men (in career or reputation) regardless of how trash they are is continuously baffling.

The men who would rather work with/associate with rapists don't see women as people.
It is terrifying how men view something like rape as a little mistake. :( Anytime a man defends a rapist/sexual assault makes me think about what things they are hiding.
Fuck the fuck off, both of y'all.
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