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Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) defends JK Rowling

Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, best known for playing Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies, defended Harry Potter author JK Rowling's past remarks on trans issues shortly after the author began receiving new transphobia accusations regarding her upcoming book.

Speaking with Radio Times, he said, "I don't think what she said was offensive really. I don't know why but there's a whole Twitter generation of people who hang around waiting to be offended. They wouldn't have won the war, would they? That's me talking like a grumpy old man, but you just think, 'Oh, get over yourself. Wise up, stand up straight and carry on.'"

Fellow Harry Potter franchise actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Katie Leung, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Noma Dumezweni, Chris Rankin, and Eddie Redmayne previously defended the trans community in the wake of JK Rowling's comments made in June of 2020.

Coltrane, who did not have the foresight not to comment, continued, "I don't want to get involved in all of that because of all the hate mail and all that s**t, which I don’t need at my time of life."

Sources: PinkNews, Yahoo Entertainment
Tags: harry potter, j.k. rowling, lgbtq / rights

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