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Jana Duggar, 30, admits she worries she is still single

Jana Duggar is the oldest single Duggar kid and she continues to live at home.

The unmarried 30-year-old talks about her single status on tonight's episode of Counting On

She admits she often gets questions about why she hasn't found the one.

She doesn't think she's picky, but people think there must be something 'wrong' with her — and she sometimes wonders if it's true:

"Most of my siblings have gotten married really young," she says. "Some people are like, 'Are you picky?' I'm like, 'I don't think so.'"

Her friend chimes in and says, "Or they're like, 'What's wrong with you? Why are you still single?'" Jana continues jokingly, "'Yes! And then I think wait... 'Oh my, is there?'"

Jana admitted in July that she 'longs' to be married
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Better single than with Lawson.
If only Jana will see this as a blessing and take advantage of not being tied down by a controlling man and family and FLEE.
I’m 36 and single. Have had like 1 long distance relationship that was a fail, and haven’t really dated. I don’t really mind it, am fine alone. Though I do have a fear about like choking or falling and getting hurt and not having someone here to save me, lol.
If I remember right, she had plans to move away with a friend and go to nursing school before Jim Bob and Michelle shipped her off to that reprogramming camp. I think they mostly want to keep her around because she's the perfect caretaker for all their kids. The being thirty and single isn't so sad but being stuck in that cult and with her parents for the rest of her life really is.
people say stuff about her maybe being a lesbian but tbh if there's an underlying~ reason it's probably that she doesn't want kids after having to raise so many of her damned siblings. and getting married would be tremendous pressure to start popping them out because they know you're having sex and BC is verboten. (and if you're not having sex, you're a terrible wife! it's just judgment city.) So she's probably waiting until her late 30s when she get away with "whoops not pregnant" or just have a one and done.

honestly the only reason she's "gotten away" with it for so long is because they loved her free babysitting. and she got to be a pious, virginal example to her young sisters.
that's a good point. she was a full-time parent to a crap ton of kids for her whole childhood, she's burned out on parenthood. like I think she's fully drank the kool-aid, will stay in the culture and probs does feel bad over being single – but subconsciously she knows it'd probs be more beneficial to put it off a bit given her family's expectations of her.

although if she does stay in their culture and gets married, I feel like she'll probs be a stepmom to some other pastor's brood of children :/
oh god she's gonna marry a widower (wife ofc died in childbirth) and officially ascend to Saint Jana, lol. I can see the spinoff now!
Lmao it wasn't until I turned 30 that I was like I guess I should care about dating again (after a 3 year hiatus). And lo and behold, the first person I ended up dating I'm now engaged to 🤷🏻‍♀️
Trying to not be single is not fun lol, im over it. All I get is "your so cute! Why are you single!?" then we talk a bit and they fade out like a top model from ANTM.
I’m 27 and if I have ONE more person ask me when I am gonna settle down I will not be held responsible for my actions.
in the real world this would be perfectly normal yet in her cult shes considered the weirdo
I’m 31 and single. I’m very much a romantic so being in love and with someone sounds lovely, but also I see friends in unhappy or unsatisfying relationships.

So I want it but I want to to be right.
I see friends in unhappy or unsatisfying relationships.

oh god yes. the amount of settling for shitty dudes I've witnessed makes me cringe. one of my friends is literally her husbands second mother and not even having the "he has 20 types of red flags on him" didn't sway her. he doesn't beat her so I guess that's enough for her.
Right!! I have one friend marrying a man who has yet to hold a steady job. She pays for the house she own that he lives in and cannot be bothered to even mow the lawn or do the dishes.

But also! These relationships may be satisfying to the parties involved. Just not satisfying to me.

Totally agree with you
I'm single at 31 and not dating through this pandemic so I'll probably be single for a whole lot longer!


September 15 2020, 22:55:47 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 22:57:53 UTC

33 and still single. When your niece and nephew are already in long term relationships and you've never had one you feel old and like it'll never happen. I keep talking to guys online but I don't think I'll ever meet the right person. And now that I'm living at home so I can get school done and get a decent job it just makes me even less desirable. I think I'm gonna focus on me for a while and if a guy comes along I'll go for it.
Honestly, I don't know how people are finding sane men out there. I feel like every guy who has ever shown interest in me has been really aggressive. I've only known 2 guys were genuinely nice but they both moved to the other side of the world for their careers and I suck at long distance.

But in this current climate, the picking are slim as fuck. So I'm just going to enjoy having a group of friends who I know would drop everything to be there for me and I would do the same for them.
I come from a conservative family and culture and as I’m nearing my 30s I’m feeling the pressure hard, even though I’ve been hella adamant about not letting those things affect me. It’s been mentally tough growing up fighting that. My grandfather sadly died a few days ago and the last thing he said to me was about my marriage, my grandma passed away a few years ago too...and she told me she was afraid she wouldn’t live to see my wedding :( my parents also put all their happiness on the prospect of my marriage, as in their greatest failure and fear in life would be me being unmarried and alone.

So yea I feel this girl deeply. It’s like you’re constantly fighting a battle to love yourself, know your worth and be at peace, when all your surroundings are pushing against it.
i'm in my early 30s and i'm dating someone right now who i can see real long term potential with. but before i met him at the end of 2019, i was having fun being single. i loved my independence, i make good money and i was traveling the world. i loved my life and didn't need a man to make me happy. i'm ready to buy my own home so i don't need any financial support from another person. if this relationship doesn't work out, i'd be completely fine on my own.
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