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Jude Law Welcomes Baby No. 6, Confirms Wife Phillipa Coan Gave Birth

Jude Law and wife Phillipa Coan have welcomed a baby.

Jude confirmed the birth during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 14.

This is Jude’s 6th child and Phillipa’s first.

Jude shares three kids: Rafferty Law, 23, Iris Law, 19, Rudy Law, 18, with ex wife Sadie Frost. He has a daughter, Sophia Law, 10, with ex Samantha Burke. And he also has a daughter Ada Law, 5, with ex Catherine Harding.

Tags: birth, british celebrities, interview, jude law
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Not saying he's not hot, but he needs to stop.
I’m shocked that it’s only his 6th?! I thought it was more haha!!
Me too. lol I could have sworn that he got that nanny pregnant.
First reaction: “ANOTHER ONE?!!! Vasectomy!!”

Second reaction: “ 6th??? I thought this be 10+?!?!?’”

He did get a nanny pregnant. That was the dissolution of him and Sienna.
This fruitful ass bitch!
This comment isn't getting enough love.
old whore!
It is well known in a lot of London film/film-y circles that he is open about not liking to wear a condom lol
Are he and Hugh Grant having some kind of contest?
both trying to beat Mick Jagger! He's at 8 so far.
I actually really like Jude Law as an actor. Just watched the first episode of "The third day" today and enjoyed it, I hope it continues to be good.
Thanks for reminding me about that show! He's great. I watched Talented Mr Ripley for the first time recently. So good and he was really beautiful in it
it's a real shame that he has such a messy personal life cause yiiikes at what he's done
Wtf is up with all these new celeb babies being born into already big families? Is Catholic style birth control back in vogue or something
I wonder if he still acts as step-dad to Sadie's first son? like you divorce wives not children..
I doubt it. I think he barely even sees Sophia.
Do men not realise that you don't have to have kids with every person you date?
wow I still remember when the first 3 kids were actually kids (like under 10) during his Sienna Miller days
Between this and the Taylor Hanson thing, why are you not fucking wearing condoms?
More important question, as a fellow Phillipa, what is her nickname: Pippa or Phil/Phillie? I think it defines what kind of person you are. I like Pippa Soo (for example), but I am so not a Pippa, it seems like a nickname of someone much happier and perkier than me, haha! Plus my maths teacher used to call me Pippa and I hated her. I will accept Pip (or Pippin) though.
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