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Taylor Hanson and Wife Natalie Expecting Seventh Child


Taylor, 37, and his wife of 18 years, Natalie, are expecting their seventh child together

He wrote on Instagram:

The best kind of unexpected. Number seven coming this December. #2020

Tags: hanson, pregnancy

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that's a lot of kids! but then again, my grandpa was one of nine, lol.
Mine was too, but they had that many kids to work the fields... I doubt the Hansons are having children for farming help lol
Same but with my grandma. You had to have all those kids when you lived/worked on a farm. lol
My mom too! But yeah agreeing with the above comments lol

And then there's me, an only child lol
I think that's different though. Our grandparents had a different life. There's no need for people in this day to have that many children
My dad is one of 10

my great-grandmother was one of 13
My dad is one of 7 and my mom is one of 9 (13 actually but not all survived infancy). but different era and culture. hispanic catholics
My dad's one of 8, but they lived on a farm lol
Yeah lol, my grandmother is one of 6 and grandfather is one of 10 lawd.
One of my coworkers is one of 17.

Only one dad, two different moms though.
My sister-in-law's mom is the oldest of SIXTEEN. Granted, her mom was born in 1940 in rural Ireland.
Do we know how big their house is?
I’m thinking at least 5 or 6 bedrooms.


September 15 2020, 19:03:36 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 19:04:12 UTC

I don't know, but Hanson themselves are 3 of 7 and grew up in a 3 bedroom house, so I don't think they'd see cramming in as a problem.

I don't know if it's still online, cos I'm now blocked for GDPR but they (Taylor and his wife) used to live in this house. They don't anymore iirc.

Repulsive might be too strong of a word, but I don't think it is.
I just can't imagine seven kids... why

They all stopped being cute when they got married super young and started popping out kids.
I get that they're weird religious people but I feel like in general I see so many people with at least 4 kids now. Like growing up most people I went to school with had one or two siblings max, it was rarer to find a family with four (and the couple I remember had twins as the last two so I don't think they were necessarily going for four kids anyway) and I don't even remember any with five or more kids.
hmm its probably nice to have lots of siblings once you are all out of the house lol. I know its kinda cool I have so many aunts and uncles and cousins because my parents were part of very large families.

My dad had cancer and had to have a kidney removed 10 yrs ago and when I went home to be with him for it, the day of his surgery all of his brothers and sisters (minus 1 who could not physically be there but he called me personally) went to be there at the hospital with him. Even the bad seed brother was there. I was floored at how much they all cared for each other because they don't always play nice or get along.
Maybe you're noticing a greater cultural divide? More people are being single/childless instead of being married with 2 kids and a dog. Which leaves the religious families with big kids.

Growing up, all the cousins in my generation were part of a nuclear family with two married parents and 2-3 kids. Now that we're adults, only one of us is married - she's religious with five kids. Everyone else is single or living in sin with a partner, no kids.
i have two cats and a house with plumbing issues and i am already overwhelmed with life. seven kids sound like a DUI from the universe.
Whew 7 kids. Peace out lol.

Thank gawd I remain childfree. Like S/O to earthling singles tbh, werk. go with yaself go on chill
but why
At the many kids, is it ever really “unexpected”?

Also, I’d make him wear a condom, but damn this man could still get it.
Time to get clipped, Taylor! In this day and age to have 7 kids seems so excessive!
Both my nonno and nonna had 5 siblings each. IDK how people do it.
her body :( this poor woman
lol why did he hashtag 2020? for more views?
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