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"We Are Who We Are" Inside Episode 1; The Actor Apologizes for a Rape Joke

Inside the first episode of the new HBO show from the creator of "Call Me By Your Name" Luca Guadagnino that follows two 14 year-old American kids living on a U.S. military base in Italy and exploring friendship, identity and sexuality.

Also, the star of the show Jack Dylan Grazer, a nepotism kid (nephew of an American producer Brian Grazer) who is famous for his roles in "It" and "Shazam!", apologizes for... laughing at a rape joke when he was a literal 12 year old child.

• says it was inapropriate and immature
• he has since then matured and understands the trauma and severity of the topic
• says he "speaks from experience that r*pe is no joke nor something to mock" and he sympathisez with all victims

sources 1 2
Tags: black celebrities, chloe sevigny, european celebrities, latino celebrities, television - hbo, television promo / stills

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Like 99% of kids are little sociopaths at 12 tbh.
this...I was a fucking asshole at 12.
I can’t say I didn’t do this at 12. We laugh at things we shouldn’t when we’re kids.

I’m just surprised he owned up and apologised, since he seemed to be a general douche.
i'm sure he has a publicist who advised this since he posted it right before his new show premiered
whooo when i was 12 i barely knew what my penis was let alone joking about rape....

granted this was in like 93....
When I was around that age, one of the boys in my class said “when I grow up, I want to be a rapist”. The teacher flipped.


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7 months ago

I think he is good in Shazam and I desperately need a HBO Max subscription, it's not tv it's HBO is truly a fact

Also it's great he apologized for that joke, I was an edgy teen and yeah, I wasn't that great with that and I'm a woman .
HBO has put the first ep on YouTube for free.

Thanks !
"I want to make sure everyone sees his apology" - don't ever invest like that in a man that will never know you. Or just any man.
ikr, this is more unhealthy stan culture shit.
And if it would be teens okay, but way too often it isn't kids.
omg "joke" was on a new line and i didnt see it at first 💀💀💀
I thought he was really good in WAWWA.
Didn't he also get caught saying something racist, the n-word on instagram or something? I mean, to be fair this describes most of the young child stars these days...
I think you’re thinking of Noah Schnapp.
ah ok, I knew it was one of those 80s horror reboot kids!
No he said something homophobic and kinda sexist. Pretty sure he mocked boys for liking makeup.


7 months ago


7 months ago


September 15 2020, 19:02:51 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 19:04:54 UTC

there was that time someone "leaked" his homophobic dms (someone said they were fake, so idk - edit: oh, it was drbat above! lol)

either way now he wears makeup and nail polish himself and he's playing a character who's in love with a man and it made him question himself or something

"This generation I'm a part of, everybody's coming forward and not being afraid to question themselves and get rid of the stigma of normality," Grazer says. "At first, I didn't really think I was going to relate to Fraser in any way, but I walked away from the role having complete understanding of people like (him). And I learned a lot about myself in that regard and the things maybe I had not realized about myself until I played the character."


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7 months ago

I hate to say it, but honestly most 12-year-old boys are little shitheads. Anybody who has ever, you know, experienced growing up, can tell you this lol.
idk these kids but - they're kids. they'll grow.
I really like Alice Braga on the show so far. I don't really buy Chloe Sevigny as an army commander. The character of her son is super obnoxious and annoying. I did appreciate the full frontal male nudity.
What's up with Luca Guadagnino and his obssession with underage boys? There's a scene were this guy (who's 16 btw) is having a threesome.
and they're getting younger too, he's apparently gonna direct 'lord of the flies'
It’s not a threesome, one of the actresses said the characters were just dancing.

Deleted comment

yeah its gross and i refuse to entertain it anymore
he's a creep that's why

Deleted comment

I mean a lot of adult men don’t see Anything wrong with a rape joke.

So he’s good.
Not to act like I'm ~so great, but I never laughed at rape jokes even at that age. I remember kids would always make that stupid joke "it's not rape if she likes it" and I never found it funny or clever or original.
I never can understand anyone especially his peers/age laughing at these jokes knowing what that even means in context. Anything stupid yeah but something else grave serious? Now sis. Also to use the term to explicitly describe anything on one’s inconveniences. That’s just inexcusable as kids his ages ~discovered~ the N word and toss it around casually.
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