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"We Are Who We Are" Inside Episode 1; The Actor Apologizes for a Rape Joke

Inside the first episode of the new HBO show from the creator of "Call Me By Your Name" Luca Guadagnino that follows two 14 year-old American kids living on a U.S. military base in Italy and exploring friendship, identity and sexuality.

Also, the star of the show Jack Dylan Grazer, a nepotism kid (nephew of an American producer Brian Grazer) who is famous for his roles in "It" and "Shazam!", apologizes for... laughing at a rape joke when he was a literal 12 year old child.

His apologyCollapse )
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This boy just looks dirty, like I wanna take a wet wipe to his face. And his dad is loaded but can't keep his kid clean?
He doesn’t look dirty.
I watched Tales of Halloween last night and he was in one of the shorts and I was like 'OH hey! It's the kid from Stranger Things!' then a few minutes later 'No, that's not right. He's from IT.' then couldn't remember who was from IT that was in Stranger Things. Sorry Richie from Stranger Things!! I love you Bill Hader <3

He shouldn't have laughed at a r*pe joke, but he was 12. It's not like he was in his 20s laughing at it. 12 year olds are edgy~ assholes who are dumb and trying to figure things out.
I dont remember anything I said at 12.
I'll keep watching the show but I didn't like the first episode that much. The only character I like so far is Alice Braga's, I don't really get the kid and his relationship with his other mom.


September 15 2020, 21:00:08 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 21:00:57 UTC

IA with everything here. Their relationship is weird and off. Like when she cuts her finger and he immediately starts sucking on it to stop the bleeding for way more time than is ever appropriate to suck on your mother's finger. Or when he slaps her for cutting his roast beef to thick and she acts like a hurt little girl before hugging and comforting him? It just strains the limits of plausibility that a hard ass decorated Army commander would allow her teenage son to treat her that way? I know we all contain multitudes, but it feels a little incongruous for her character.
omg I gasped at him slapping his mom, that whole scene was so odd. I totally agree with you!
Idk if I'll watch this but I think he's naturally talented, particularly his line delivery.

Deleted comment

he was 12 for god's sake lol and he's 16 now. like what do y'all want

Deleted comment

the IT fanbase, consisting mostly of teens like him, has been trying to "cancel" him for a while


5 months ago


September 15 2020, 22:24:31 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  September 15 2020, 22:26:32 UTC

I remember a joke my mom used to tell, something like "if you ever get raped, you should stop resisting and might as well enjoy it". I was around 10, I guess and I remember very clearly how I used to laugh at that and how I told the same joke to my friends afterwards. Kids at that age are really just a reflection of their immediate environment, which is shitty most of the times in a lot of aspects because all of us live immersed in a culture of rape. At least he apologized.

From the few things I've seen of him, I don't really like him much as a person. All I get from him is edginess just for the sake of it and insincerity, also the nepotism, but he's still a teenager who grew up in the spotlight and who gets validated everyday by millions of fans. I was my own brand of annoying when I was that age and that wasn't that long ago. Despite all of that, I still must recognize that he's one of the most talented actors out of the It/Stranger Things batch so at least he has that going on for him.
Find me a 12 year old boy who didn't laugh at a terrible joke
Eh. When I was 12, dead baby jokes were very “funny”. (They weren’t.) But there were lots of shitty 12 year olds that told them/laughed at them that are normal people as adults. I give a fair amount of grace to literal children as long as their later words and actions show growth.
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