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"We Are Who We Are" Inside Episode 1; The Actor Apologizes for a Rape Joke

Inside the first episode of the new HBO show from the creator of "Call Me By Your Name" Luca Guadagnino that follows two 14 year-old American kids living on a U.S. military base in Italy and exploring friendship, identity and sexuality.

Also, the star of the show Jack Dylan Grazer, a nepotism kid (nephew of an American producer Brian Grazer) who is famous for his roles in "It" and "Shazam!", apologizes for... laughing at a rape joke when he was a literal 12 year old child.

• says it was inapropriate and immature
• he has since then matured and understands the trauma and severity of the topic
• says he "speaks from experience that r*pe is no joke nor something to mock" and he sympathisez with all victims

sources 1 2
Tags: black celebrities, chloe sevigny, european celebrities, latino celebrities, television - hbo, television promo / stills

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